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GenGen's Feedback Thread

Apr 1, 2007

    1. Hello all! I just thought I should start this thread since I have recently started buying/ selling here on DOA. I hope all your feedback will be positive, but please, if I have done ANYTHING wrong don't hesitate to let me know. I will try my best to remain a good person to do buisiness with. Once again, thank you.:)

    2. Adopted a lovely little guy from GenGen.
      Great communication and great to deal with!:)
    3. GenGen purchased a DollStories Kirya head from me. She was just wonderful to do business with, and delightful in her communication. I recommend her highly!
    4. I purchased plushies from GenGen and it was a wonderful transaction. :) Very friendly, quick shipment, packaged well.
      Highly recommended for future business!
    5. GenGen purchased a pair of my hand-made horns, and was *wonderful* to work with. Very easy and quick to communicate with, very friendly, prompt in payment and just a delight to do business with!
    6. GenGen commissioned two face-up's from me and everything went great!
      Great communication and paid quickly. A real pleasure to work with~ :)

      Thanks again! :aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    7. I am very pleased to fill this feedback thread as all the transaction was perfect. GenGen bought me a SD doll and paid very quickly, she was very pleasant to deal with and kept me informed when the doll arrived!! I would really love to deal with her again!!:goldstar:goldstar
    8. GenGen sold me a dollmore body and was awesome to deal with throughout, the parcel arrived in possibly the best packaging I've ever seen and the body's awesome! I can only hope I get to deal with her again, thanks GenGen! :)
    9. [​IMG]

      Adore this wonderful Dread wig that GEN GEN did.. It was a smooth and easy transaction with marvelous results for my new boy!

      a really terrific seller for sure!
    10. GenGen bought a wig from me. She paid promptly and was wonderful to deal with :) She let me know when it arrived.

      Thank you for the excellent transaction!
    11. I bought a body from GenGen. She shipped the body promptly and responded to messages very quickly. Thank you for a great transaction.
    12. I bought a Luts '08 Man head from GenGen. He arrived super fast and packaged wonderfully. She's a great seller, wonderful communication, and an all around awesome person to deal with. I would definitely buy from her again 8D <3
    13. Bought a wig from GenGen. She was super patient and waited for my eCheck to clear :)
      Shipping was so quick!! Thanks again!
    14. I bought a wig from GenGen. I requested a few pictures of the wig in a different style before purchasing it, and she happily and quickly complied. It arrived very quickly and I am completely satisfied with it - and I love the free plushie she sent too!! :D

      The communication was excellent, the shipping was prompt, the product was just as she advertised, and she went out of her way to make this a pleasant experience. A million thanks!! :aheartbea
    15. I bought a star necklace from GenGen.
      They were friendly, and shipped it off quickly. It's perfect for my incoming boy. Thanks again!
    16. GenGen commissioned me for a face-up on her Soom Beryl, and as always, it went wonderful! :) I've worked with the lovely Gen a bunch of times, and it's always a pleasure! Hope to work with again in the future. :aheartbea Thank you, dear!
    17. I bought a Dreadlock wig from Gen and I couldn't be happier! The dreads are gorgeous, and she's great to deal with. I can't say a thing about shipping 'cause I met her to pick them up (and to hang out, of course) but I'm sure she would have shipped them quickly. Thanks again!!!!
    18. thank you GenGen for the awesome shirt my chiwoo Maxx love"s it.
      caint wate to c the next run of shirt's for sale
    19. GenGen participated in my Dollmore group order and she was a wonderful participant! She paid quickly and was super nice to communicate with. I'd love to do business with her in the future!
    20. GenGen ran a Eric Northman/Alexander Skarsgard minimee order. I got a head from her. SHE IS A WONDERFUL LEADER! Couldn't recommend her any more highly! She was great with communicating and getting us what we wanted in the head. Perfect person to run a GO. Absolutely lovely person!