Geo-Earthling's Feedback!

Jan 2, 2018

    1. Hi,

      Please Leave feedback for me here.

      I purchased a Seed Dolls Peabody head from Geo-Earthling and the transaction was wonderful. Super friendly and fast communication. Incredibly nice person. Head was packed wonderfully and arrived in pristine condition. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Geo-Earthling again. Thank you!
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      I bought a Miracle Doll Zixin head from Geo-Earthling and the experience was smooth and pleasant! Really patient and friendly with me even though I'm a newbie and didn't really know what I was doing. The head arrived in perfect condition with lots of protection, and even a few extra accessories to get me started.

      This transaction couldn't have gone better. Thank you Geo-Earthling!
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    4. Positive
      I purchased a miracle doll 68cm body. Geo is an amazing kind person. They arranged for me to pick up my doll from them at our local IKEA :) Their communication was awesome and they included a fun cape wig and hat. The body was exactly as described. I'd buy from geo-earthling any day.
      Thank you!
    5. I re-homed her Obi :chibi He came with all his papers, faceup and box in perfect condition, and with some little bitty clothes! She also gave me a little clay cutie as a present:whee: Lovely seller, would definitely recommended buying from her! :thumbup