George Shrinks Is The Reason I Love 1/12 Scale

Mar 4, 2019

    1. I remember I watched the TV show George Shrinks as a kid and being extremely jealous of his stuff (lol)
      I'm wondering what set you down the rabbit hole of 1/12 BJDs? (or dolls)
      (barbie sized BJD's also count! I just don't know what scale that is)
    2. I usually prefer SD, but I have thought about getting some smaller dolls to fit in my childhood dollhouse! I don't currently have space to display my dollhouse, but if I can one day, I may get a tiny BJD family for it, or I might just stick my DollFactory Devil Bobo in it!

      BTW, Barbie would be 1/6. Most 1/6 BJDs are YoSD size, which are child proportioned, but there are a few 1/6 adult dolls too.
    3. I love the 1/12 scale ones! I started collecting dolls around 1/12 scale as I always wanted a dollhouse but wanted to have someone to inhabit one. I got a posable off-topic doll but kept going for ones that were even more posable until I got my pukipuki! When she's not out traveling with me (running errands and practically everything else), she lives in her dollhouse. :)
    4. I haven’t thought of that show in YEARS. But I am extremely interested in getting a resin doll that tiny! Such a shame that they’re difficult to find.
    5. What you call "Barbie sized" is popularly known as 1/6 scale. It's my preferred scale and it's so difficult to find resin BJDs in that size that aren't children. I prefer adult or at the very least adolescent dolls, and those in 1/6 are kind of thin on the resin ground.

      It's ironic because 1/12 is a very popular Western scale (for dollhouses, I expect) but you just don't find that many 1/12 ABJDs. Happy hunting!