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german store selling angelregion+souldoll

Jun 19, 2005

    1. I hope this is the right place for this:


      this german site sells dolls by angelregion and souldoll
      their prices seem to be a bit higher than the official stores for these dolls.
      I think buying from there might be cheaper for europeans, but I'm not sure
    2. Oh! Thats really handy! And shipping within Germany is free.... *-* I could ask them to ship to my friends house and then pick up my doll when I visit! XD
    3. Wheeeeheeee!
      This is great :D That is soooooo great! I wouldn't have dreamed of this.
    4. Yes, I´m selling this dolls - but there is a delay with souldoll
      Angelregion shipps as soon as some dolls are ready to go - so, a little easier to handle :)

      I´ll be on vacation for July, but in August the dolls by dollsoom will be avalible also.

      Thank you for all, who visited my shop and emailed me !

      AND for a first information: 29./30.April.2006 will be a bjd-meeting/convention in Berlin/Germany
      at this time, it is just a date. Further information will come in August/September, but I´ve contacted a few bjd-manufactures for this event.
      Hopefully, I´ll have news after my holidays
    5. I'm very happy that this shop exists! :D

      I pre-ordered an Ami Basic Kit (girl) in the end of May. Will there be a chance that I can get her in the end of June, or will I have to wait for August (as it's announced at your shop sites news page)?
    6. I´m not quiet sure, who you´re
    7. sorry, same words where missing. don´t know why
    8. I just sent you an email :)