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Getting rid of the MSD?

Sep 4, 2005

    1. I hope it's okay for me to talk here like that, after all I only have one BJD and might look like a newbie to you. Still this is a topic that really made me go O.o; when I realised about it, and so I thought I'd post it.

      Lately I realised (be it because i never paid attention to that before or before the habit changed) that here and elsewhere, people are getting rid of their minis, in order to get the supposedly "better" tall ones, or even 'upgrade' the characters to the tall bodies. This makes me wonder.
      I really do understand that people don't just focus on one type and have both, SD and MSD, or if they realise after a short time they only want one type and stick to that. But why do some people love their MSD for months or even years and talk of having bonded so well, yet then all suddenly part with them as if they meant nothing to them? o_o

      Sure, my first and currently only BJD is a mini, as so many's people first doll, and no, I didn't see the tall ones before my decision either. But I got Alexi after looking at all kinds of different MSD and SD-sized dolls, and decided for Hoo simply because the facemold was so fitting, and not because of the price.
      By now I did see and hold SDs, and I really do like them and am saving for one now too (although my second doll will be a mini as well :3), but still I love my Alexi dearly, and nothing can make me sell him or 'upgrade' his body just because he's smaller. (and as pointed out in another thread here, MSD have so many advantages too.) To me, he's worth just as much as any SD, and once I might have that SD they'll peacefully coexist without any ranks set by their size.

      So I was wondering, what exactly is the reason that many people think that SD are the only 'real' ones BJD to have, and why do they replace their previously dear MSD? Do they get the dolls just for the size, not for the mold? Or did they get the minis first because of the price, not because they wanted them, and realised only now they don't like them? o_o;;
      Surely on meetups the SD ones are the stars of the meeting, and when walking in public with a doll, the SDs are more likely to get attention. But I cannot imagine that this is the whole reason to get the SDs?

      And no, this post isn't meant as offense to anyone, I am just being curious about reasons and opinions. ^^;; It seems so loveless to me, as if the MSD meants nothing just because they are small (and cheaper).
    2. I think the mini are better for taking around to different places. Easier to hold. I can see the SD's getting more attention in a public place because of their size. I have not really see a trend of people getting rid of their mini's, I've seen different sizes for sale too. I think there will always be a crowd that will like the mini's better. The SD I'm saving for is an SD because that is the size she happen to be. I really like her looks. I sometimes wonder if she is to tall for the space I have here. I'm sure price will have a bearing on things. There are several mini's I like.. So it can sometimes be a hard choice.
    3. the grass is always greener on the other side!

      possibly because SD sized are getting cheaper and cheaper! I would say it's alot about expense...

      I am often so frustrated by the lack of choice you have by sticking to the smaller size that I consider going for a 60cm myself. but I really can't stand the size difference so I know it would be a mistake...
    4. Two reasons, I think:

      <1>I think people's interests change overtime. I used to love Takara Jenny dolls, then changes to OOAK dolls, and now I am totally into BJD. Am I "wrong" when collecting those 1/6 dolls? no. I dearly LOVED them at that time. Am I "wrong" if I want to sell some of my 1/6 dolls? no. I don't play with them anymore; rather than putting them on the shelf collecting dust, wouldn't it be better to sell them to somebody who will love them?

      I now have one MSD, and waiting for another. Maybe now I LOVE MSD more than SD, but a few years later, I might discover another SD whom I REALLY LOVE, then I might put my MSD for adoption since I don't pay too much attention to them anymore, or just put them aside (which is very bad).

      No. I LOVE my MSD, not as a second choice. I had a LISHE before, but she is too big.

      <2>Maybe the first BJD that came out was SD(four sisters) by Volks, so people tends to think SD is the "real" BJD, while others are... just a subsititute for these more expensive ones. Before I had my MSD, I think all Korean BJDs are not as good as Volks, since Volks is the original maker while others are "copying". But now I think totally differently, of course, after much researches.

      just my two pennies.

      KY :grin:
    5. the bigger dolls have way cooler boots

      I prefer msd size because they fit more easily into my life. can sit on a shelf, can snuggle in next to my computer, can slip into a bag. I prefer the more childlike look. And I can relate better to msd size as being a doll, something I can play with.. my elf lishe is beautiful but I see her more as a sculpture and she's not so playable. But yeah, the boots available for the bigger dolls are just so much cooler
    6. it is a personal preferance -- nothing more, nothing less. And yes, there are people who start with 60 cm dolls and decide they are too big and switch to mini-sized. I have never seen any buy a 60 cm doll with no regard to the body or face simply because it's taller than a mini. More people go mini --> 60cm than the other way around simply because more people test the waters with minis rather than diving right into the hobby with a $600+ purchase. I started with a mini I eventually sold because I wanted to see if I liked the hobby enough to drop a lot of cash on it. I still have two mini-sized dolls but if I had to/wanted to trim down my collection, the minis would go while my SD13 would never leave.

      If you, personally, prefer minis that's all that matters. Proportionally there aren't any more people selling off minis now than there were 1 week ago or one year ago.
    7. Well, for me, I got my MSD first, about a year ago. I got my beea for numerous reasons, including the price and the facemold. I've always liked SD sized dolls too, though. It's easier to make sutff for them and I like how their body is more accurate, MSD just looks childish to me... (Unless it's the unoa dolls <3) I like my beea, but I really want a SD, and I know I can't have both... I'm not selling her anytime soon though ^^;; I'm reconsidering...
    8. If I sold my 2 dolls I could buy Vanilla right away. But, really, i'd never do that. Nothing against the ones that do, I just can't.
      They are already part of me.
      I've seen big dolls in person, they are cool, I like them, I even want one but I don't think they are better. Actually I think each have their features.
      To me it is not a matter of size, the headmold is the only thing that counts.
      I'm very atached to my mino dolls 'cause I have some kind of maternal feeling over them. Something I'm not sure if I'll feel over Vanilla.
      I preffer saving 2 years for her than selling Mikael or Chocolate.

      I can't imagine my life without them anymore...


    9. That's just what I mean! ^^
      I couldn't just sell Alexi either, because we bonded very tightly. And what I meant above was that I don't understand how people who first talked of having bonded well with their MSD, give them away so easily all of a sudden.

    10. If I sold Kiyoshi I could finish buying Bailey, the doll I was going to get at first (he was original y supposed to be a EL with slightly opened eyes) DOD put out the garadian boys and I saw Si nad never looked back.

      I'm afraid that when I finialy get Bailey I'll either A) not want him because I don't like the size or B) stop playing with Kiyoshi as much because my chacarter of Bailey is finialy fulfilled.

      Sometimes I think that people either re-incarnate their dolls bigger or sell off the small ones have so that they have a familay that fits together. Me, I'd never sell my Kiyoshi, why? because the doll gods changed my plans...and I haven't regretted it yet. :daisy
    11. I don't feel that SD sized dolls are better than MSD dolls at all. Well, one, I'm selling Maddy because I just don't feel like we bonded. Plus, she just seemed too fragile. It was like playing with a heavier Barbie doll or something (sorry abotu the analogy, but I couldn't think of anything better), and I was always worried I would break something off or drop her, etc. I'm just hoping that with an SD, there will be more to him.

      It's all just a matter of personal preference, really.
    12. Hmmn.... I'd agree with the personal preference thing on size and head molds/body molds.
      I'd also say that some people can bond completely with a doll and then fall out of love with them.
      It's like... if you have a teddy bear when you're a kid and love that bear and then one day the bear just sits on the shelf all day and you don't play with him. Eventually, months and years go by and the teddy bear just sits on the shelf.
      I guess people don't want to just look at a doll--they want to play with the doll.
      At this point, I wouldn't want to sell my minis for big kids. At some point I may consider it--but I don't think it's because we haven't bonded.
      Dolls probably come into your life like people--for a reason or a season or a lifetime (as they say).
    13. Hmmm...I can't read the future or anything, but I don't think that I'll ever sell my MSDs, I do plan to eventually own bigger dolls, but I think I am just going to have several dolls in different shapes and sizes, I might not bring them all out at once or maybe only take certain ones out with me, but I think I will love them all, although I am so going to have to cap myself at a certain number of dolls, unless I start figuring out other ways to support the habit ^_^
    14. I started out with an SD-sized doll (Lishe), bought two minis, then a tiny, another SD girl, an even smaller tiny, a Hound, then another SD girl . . . so my family has all sizes in it!! I don't think that any of them are "better" because they're bigger (or smaller) . . . I think they're each unique and beautiful.

      I do wish that the size/scale difference between MSD and SD was a little less, but that's purely because I wish that I didn't have to buy wardrobes in four (!) different sizes, and because my mini-girl has told me that the boy I'd bought to be her boyfriend is actually her BROTHER, and she prefers girls anyway, thank you very much, so when am I going to be saving up for that Lusis??


      -- Andi (who can't imagine trading in any of my dolls for an "upgrade", although it's possible that someday I might sell the two that I'm less closely bonded with . . . an SD and a tiny, my minis are here to stay!)
    15. I think it must be personal preference...The first doll I fell in love with was El Elf but by the time I was ready to get him he was gone, I considered a standard El, but I kept looking at dolls for a while and finally decided on Tender Too because I fell in love with his smirky little mouth (at the time, I had never seen a doll in real life, so I had no expectation, I chose by looking at pictures.)

      I now have a CP Luts WooSoo (SD size) and for me there are pros and cons for both Mini and SD sizes, but if I really like a doll, the size would not be the determining factor.

      I wouldn't "upgrade" my Dio (T. Too), I think he is perfect just as he is. Perhaps people who have "bonded" with their dolls so tightly have bonded with their personalities and not their bodies.

      I think some people get minis because of finances when they really want an SD sized doll, and try to talk themselves into loving it by throwing themselves into the "bonding" experience, but then later admit to themselves that they really desired another doll.

      I think also that some people are just fickle.

      Dio, I love you, even if you are only 43cm tall!
    16. For me it comes down to playability!! At the high point I had 5 sd sized dolls I just was not playing with them. So I thought ok whats up? maybe I have too many so I sold a few that left 2 and they still stay there unplayed with.

      Meanwhile on the other shelf the unoa were getting all the attention as was my F04 MSD doll. Why? because they were so light to hold and I felt they were not delicate. My larger dolls would give me wrist ach after one dressing session! as well I felt like they were delicate and like someone mentioned more of a sculpture than a doll.

      So although for the first year I swore off smaller dolls because I felt the face molds were not detailed enough or had enough character I then found unoa. Soon after her MANY wonderful companies have mini sized dolls with tons of character and different age groups in the msd size.

      3 years ago there was much less choice.

      So in essence I sold SD's to buy MSD Size dolls.
      However I think when the right SD comes along I will buy it and play with it. Right now I had just one SD. Its not about how much they cost to me.
    17. I would think it may deal with the reason you bought your doll. The first time i saw Shiro T was when i knew i was hooked. I couldnt afford him and i needed my parents support inorder to actually have a BJD to begin with. (they control the money) So after admiring DOD i bought a Tender Zen.

      The reason some people buy MSDs is to buy a lower cost substitute for what they really want. Others (perhaps myself) buy them for a more gradual introduction into the BJD hobby.

      Everyone must keep in mind that if everyone bought a doll and never sold it we wouldnt have limited dolls on the market. And that would make me and alot of newer BJD collectors cry. Dolls may switch owners, lives and personalities but they will always be loved.
    18. I have a SD and a MSD... and it has to be pure preferance. I love both of them just as much. Ive considered selling my SD boy because it was SO hard to buy clothing for him... but I couldnt part with him. And Ive had a MUCH easier time bonding with Sandia just cause shes a girl. Poor Doli has been sitting on his shelf for the last 2 days... and Sandia has been sitting next to me... o.o;;; But yeah...
    19. Right now I'm simply struggling with character issues.

      My MSDs were the first two dolls I bought. I had seen the larger ones and thought them scary so I started out with what was right for me. But then I realized that one of the dolls I got was unfitting for who the character was that I had had in mind for her.

      This was a problem because the character concepts for the two dolls had very tightly interwoven histories and relationships to one another. I couldn't find a girl that fit. Then I did find a girl that fit. . . and she was an SD.

      So I had an MSD and an SD and I knew they would feel alienated from one another so I felt compelled to get an SD body for the boy since he was fairly easy to place. So now the two dolls that I desperately wanted in the first place are two SDs and my two MSDs have no personality at all.

      BUT! (Don't you love how pointless this is?) The MSDs were my first ones. I love them dearly, and yet I feel totally disconnected from them at the *same time*. I don't know what I will do since I am not physically near them at the moment and there is a little less than two years before I see them again.

      I figure, if they have not defined themselves as personalities by then in my mind then I will sell them because I have a friend who will only take a nudging to buy and this way I would have someone I trust be their next owners. If it wasn't someone I knew, I would never part with them.

      And thus is my story of why my feelings on MSDs are mixed at the moment.

      (Why oh why couldn't Lachesis have fit the first doll? I would be so much less poor now. . .)
    20. personally, I'm not a fan of larger dolls, they are too big for me. ^^;
      I rather enjoy the beauty and size of MSD sized dolls and I actually don't want larger ones, none have appealled to me yet and if DoD doesn't end up having absolutely gorgeous larger dolls (like thier regular dolls), I doubt I'll ever buy a larger sized doll.
      But yea, I'm picky like that XD;;