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Getting something you didn't expect

Mar 23, 2016

    1. I thought this might be an interesting topic.

      The general question is, have you ever ordered a doll and gotten something you didn't expect? Either because the doll looked way different in person, the scale was off, or maybe the vendor sent you the wrong options (skin color, chest size, gender, etc)?

      I'm curious about this because I recently bought a doll body that came with the wrong chest size, and I read a post from someone else who received the wrong resin color for their doll.

      Right now I feel torn between loving the doll and wanting the doll I ordered...has anyone else ever experienced that?
    2. Luts sent me the wrong head once upon a time... I'd ordered a Dreaming El and ended up with someone else's Dreaming Shiwoo. I sent him back to Luts so they could get him to his proper owner, and got another shipment with the correct head a few weeks later. :lol:
    3. My Little Monica Roselyn came with two left heel feet! That I added onto my order separately. So she was strung with proper flat feet, but some on LM! Two left feet parts! As soon as they received my photo proof a new heel foot was on its way :3nodding:

      As for getting something I didn't expect, in terms of correct orders, Luts Real Skin Normal is much yellower in tone than their company photos. It's not a deal breaker for me, just didn't expect it when their site photos are so peachy.
    4. Yes. Asleep Eidolon sent my doll on the chubby 30cm body when I had ordered the standard sized 1/6 body. I was not happy about it, because it made buying clothes extremely difficult, but I didn't request them to fix it because at the time, AE wait times were over a year. I kept him around for awhile, but ended up selling him.
    5. Oh my gosh. I can't even imagine.

      If you can't bond, I wouldn't feel guilty. It wasn't what you ordered...
    6. I once got a doll that was COMPLETELY different from what I was expecting (the resin was very thin and extremely smooth, the doll was floppy, etc.).. it was only my second doll (with my first having been a gift), and I had a complete meltdown and begged the site that sold it to me to take it back. Luckily they did, and I learned my lesson lol. It was really upsetting, though, especially since it was the first doll I had ever purchased, and it was just wrong somehow in some incredibly terrible way. I was really lucky they let me return it.
    7. Yup. Opened the box and cringed.
      Vowed to never order anything in French Resin ever again. It looked pretty in the sales photos, but in person it looked like wax.
    8. DollChateau sent me my Larry without body blushing even though I'd paid for it :XD: I can laugh about it now but at the time I was really angry and upset because I waited over 4 months for him. I sent him back, they painted him and another 3 months later he showed up. I was happy only to find they hadn't sent his antennas. So I then had to get them to send them to me. Another 2 months later they showed up and I now have a very adorable little snail.
    9. When I received my Bobobie Tony he had a chip on his chin. I was pretty disappointed at first, but I got past it.
    10. I am kinda flexible when it comes to mistaken orders. As long as the quality is what I expected, I might just as well think of it as a destiny and enjoy the wrong order. However, I am certainly not a fan of oversized breasts. In that case, I would return it.
    11. When I ordered from Iplehouse the first and second time.

      The first time I wasn't happy with the face up, it was a custom face up and very beautiful but it had so much blushing her head was red compared to her body. I tried to ignore it but then, the problem was with the skin color. I ordered peach but in person it looked pink and I hated it. Then it was her poseability :atremblin all in all, it was a stunning doll but I sold her. After that incident I said "no more default face ups no matter how good it looks" now I prefer to do them myself because I can control how much blushing will go on the doll.

      The second time I didn't order face up but because of it, Iplehouse sent the doll without a face protection. When I opened the box I immediately noticed a small dent on his nose because the nose rubbed off on the box during the whole trip. I was so saddened =( I immediately contacted IH because this was something I couldn't ignore. I sent the head back and they even paid for shipping. Once I got it back, I sold it.

      Luckily, my 3rd Iplehouse doll was good but he is a 35cm doll. The first one was a MSD(JID) and the second one was the SD size (SID). I found out that I prefer the tinies from them^^

      My next one was with my Volks SDC Mina. I got her from Mandarake, I thought she looked so beautiful on the pictures but when I got her I....she just looked so sad and nothing looked good on her. The face up was the problem (yes, I don't order face ups anymore because I'm always unhappy with default face ups ^^ but this one was a fullset and came with the face up already). I wiped it off, gave her one of mine and now I'm extremely happy with her. :)

      Another time when I ordered a DOC tender too. I disliked the face up so much and the face looked different from the pics. He's sold a long time ago.

      Those were the only times I got something I didn't expect when it comes to dolls. Now if you ask me about eyes, wigs, shoes and clothes....I have so many stories!:horror:
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    12. Wow! It seems like a lot of people have had experiences with this...and I'm not the only one. I have e-mailed the dealer I purchased the doll from, and it is still TBD where the mistake occurred. But since I don't feel willing to return the doll, as it is my first and I am really excited to start making clothes and wigs and all the crafty things...I may end up living with it for a while. I think it would be nice if they would at least let me order the small chest part at a discount because of the mistake, but I am not holding out for that. It's just unfortunate because the wait time for the dolls is so long, I might have to wait 6 months or even longer before I would have a replacement in hand :(

      It would be different if this were my 2nd doll, and I could return her and still have a doll to play with...but as it is, I'm feeling very conflicted about it.
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