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getting your doll a sibling - is it important that they are from the same company?

Sep 24, 2011

    1. I really want a Dollzone Morphoa because I fell in love with her the second I saw her and will hopefully have this girl by xmas. However I want to get her a little sister in 1/6 but the doll i really think would work is from Doll Family. I just think they look like they could be related which I guess is the important thing, but part of me thinks I should I find a Dollzone 1/6 to make more convincing (the word i was kinda thinking was canon lol but idk).

      For reference:


      The 1/6 i am thinking of getting

      Anyone experienced a similar dilemma?
    2. I don't think it's important for them to be from the same company, but they need to look good next to each other. for exemple, a delf Chiwoo would look kinda stupid next to an iplehouse EID/SID because they reeeeally don't have the same kind of aesthetics!
      but for an SD and a yoSD I think it's less obvious so really, any company could work :3
    3. Ah lol good point - I guess some companies have more similar aesthetics than others. I think if they were both the same size then it would be more difficult because, for example, normal pink skin from one company isnt the same as normal pink from another etc. I think the two I like would at least look nice next to each other and if I don't think it works as siblings, i at least have two pretty dolls.
    4. the colour is not as obvious as the head/eye size though.
      and it's true, if when they arrive you just think they don't work out as siblings, at least you have two pretty dolls, just have to create a new character for one of them ^_^
    5. lmao I could do that. i think styling has a lot to do with it such as giving them a similar hair colour or an unusual eye colour or something. the worst that can happen is i need to buy another two dolls so they can both have siblings...what a terrible thing indeed :D
    6. It's all about styling in the end. They could have similar hair and similar eyebrow shape and such and it would already be much more convincing. If you think the doll makes a good sibling, then that's what you should get. Just because it's from a different company doesn't make it unsuitable.
      As long as you think it looks good.
    7. Ah thanks - i feel a lot more confident now ^_^
    8. I think it certainly helps but it's not nessesary. Both my siblings are from different companies. I have one Luts and one Iplehouse the other SOom and iplehouse. I don't think it relaly matters too much. If you believe the story that's all that's important. :)
    9. Lol epic. I don't know whether to buy one then the other or save up and get both at the same time...not that they would come at the same time I guess....did u get your siblings one at a time?
    10. I don't know if you could tell my dolls were siblings by looking at them. Actually, they're half-siblings, so I think one can get away with them not looking so similar. Their resin color is visibly different, as are their noses. We've all seen siblings that look very different (and are still blood relatives) as well as siblings that look like almost identical clones to one another (without being part of a multiple).

      Unless you're writing that the sibling is a half-sibling (where they share one parent) or adopted, you do need to have a doll with similarities to the other. That doesn't mean you need to get from the same company, but do be observant of certain qualities, such as eye/nose/mouth shape - maybe even resin color if you want to go that far.

      I've seen companies that have dolls that look similar - though not identical to - one of my dolls. Keep in mind what your doll looks like, and see if any other doll reminds you of your doll. That might be an indicator of a good sibling match.

      Edit: I also remembered that their wig colors are completely different. His is silver, and hers is blond.
    11. in my personal Opinion, makers particular labels don't matter, just as long as they Sit well next to each other (it was already mentioned but I've run into it myself) i got my first doll, a D.O.T. (Thalia if you want to know)
      i was originally tossing up between D.O.T. and E.I.D., but now that i have one, i feel the other would seem 'out of place' so thats all i try to avoid, dis-similar appearances.
    12. My Dollshe Salubia has DIM Choseol as her child--they look very similar, without being at all copied. I think both sculptors were partly inspired by antique bisque dolls.
      Whereas Salubia is distantly related, if at all, to my Dollshe Hound & Saint.

      I bought a Souldoll Vito Lester, hoping he'd be a romantic match with Dollmore Judith Zinna White Gossip Girl, and they're siblings; I could tell by their ears being the same. And the Zinna has a child, who is Serendipity Freyr 30cm boy-type, and his ears match the other two. :lol:

      So long as you like your dolls together, it doesn't matter if they're from the same or different companies. :D
    13. I agree with the majority - company doesn't matter so much as aesthetics. As long as they look right together, that's what matters. Some real life siblings don't look at all like they're from the same family, whereas others you can tell right off the bat. I think the important part is you like them together and think they fit.
    14. I didn't think it was important to me, but I guess it must be! ALL of my siblings and couples are related by company! :o
    15. I don't think they HAVE to be from the same company. If you find 2 dolls you like, and to you work as siblings, that's what matters. Be they full, or half, or adopted, or whatever else. So long as they are the same scale to one another (so, like having an SD as one sibling, then an MSD for the other, you'd want a less mature MSD, as a mature, or slim, MSD is a different scale than an SD. Or an SD and a Yo, you'd want a more standard, childish looking Yo, rather than a 'slim' Yo, which seem to look more like pre-teens, so the height and proportions would just look off) and have similar styling (realistic with realistic, anime, HUGE eyes, tiny nose and mouth, with anime, and such). Even 'skintones' don't HAVE to be perfect matches, so long as they are similar. My sisters and I, for example, all look like sisters. We all have different builds, and heights. Our skintones are each a little different, though still obviously caucasian. The things that make us LOOK like sisters is that we all have blonde hair, when in our natural colors (though we each have a different 'type' of blonde), we each have blue eyes (different shades of blue) and similarities in out chins, noses, cheekbones, foreheads, and such. Even full siblings can have drastic differences, though. One of my best friends looks NOTHING like her older sister. When I first met them, I had NO idea they were related, though I was friends with both. When I found out they were sisters, I was SURE they were adopted. Then I found out they weren't adopted. The only way they look like sisters is with their mother standing next to them, as they both share features with her. But they don't share the SAME features with eachother as they share with their mother. If I were trying to give a comparison to dolls...I'd say they are as different from one another as getting a doll from Reisnsoul, and getting their 'sister' from Dollzone or AoD. Similarities enough to keep them looking like they 'belong' together, but still so drastically different at the same time as to be obviously not from the same 'company'.

      Long story short: Even real siblings can be different enough that different resin tones, in the same range, and different 'styles' within the same 'genre', so long as they scale well together, could easily be full siblings. And there's even more room to play with siblings that are only half siblings.
    16. Not too important company-wise... Just aesthetically. I have a Immortality of Soul M head that will be the twin of a future SoulDoll S. Ize.
    17. I wouldn't say that the dolls had to be from the same company, but if they are I think that'll be a plus. I'm getting a pale Volks DD to be a step sister to my normal skinned DD. They don't have to be blood relatives.
    18. I just thought about that... Seems that my "sibling" dolls are always from the same company: non-identical twins from Dollzone, identical twins from Soom, and two sisters that differ in age from Doll Leaves. The first two used to be a mixed twin pair - Dollzone and AoD, and the difference bothered me so much that I changed the sculpt of one of them so they would match.

      But the dolls you chose look much less different than my "problem" non-identical twins did. I think there is a certain similarity - they have rather rounded faces, for example. And other than my "problem" twins, they are also different in age, so any possible non-matching can be explained with one being much younger. So they might work very well!
    19. My little families are a real mix of companies and sizes. I think it is a personal choice. Some people only want to collect from one company but others like to mix it up a little. I think your choices go well together.
    20. All of my sibling dolls were bought one at a time (or piece by piece even), but I have bought two dolls from the same company at the same time (I did that twice) and those dolls are not meant to form a pair or be related in one way or the other. Getting two dolls at once from the same company helps you save on shipping costs (that's why I did it), but, regardless of whether you plan to get both dolls from the same or two different companies, if it takes you a long time to save up, I recommend getting one doll first and then save up for the other. That way you have one doll to play with while you save up.