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Ghost In The Shell Gynoid

Aug 11, 2011

    1. Hi,guys,I recently found a Ghost in the Shell Gynoid bjd (O hope they are still ontopic for DoA) and I'm smitten with it. I have plans to purchase one,but before I do so I wanted to know if anybody on DoA had some info about them. I did a search and there seems to be ONLY two here on the forums. There isn't even a database for them.The kind of info I'm looking for is their wig size,can you change the eyes,what size clothes do they wear,etc. And to be honest,I just can't find much info on them outside of DoA,so anything and everything would a great help to me. Thank you and I hope to god I didn't put this in wrong place. I guessed that they were minis. :doh Have a great day guys and thanks in advance!:aheartbea

      Comeón ! =3 LE bump for info. Maybe the two that I seen on here before aren't active anymore. =[


      I can't find an official website because it was released part of a special edition movie box set. I know that she is 16in tall at the least though.
      Here's the threads of her on DoA:


    2. Boy, you're right, info is hard to come by! I poked around, though, and this is what I found out.

      The doll is advertised as being 1/6 scale, but a DoA owner claims that she's 41cm tall, or mini-sized. I have no idea. Anyway, she comes with one version of the 'GHOST IN THE SHELL 2 INNOCENCE INTERNATIONAL VER. Type MOTOKO' box set, as near as I can tell. Here's the box set with the doll for sale on amazon.co.jp:

      I used Google Translate to translate the 'used' box sets, and many of them seem to come with the doll still inside for about 20,000 yen, more or less. The 'new' box sets might be a safer bet, but they're also more expensive.

      Most proxy services can help you buy things off amazon.co.jp. I know Celga does, and I'm sure most of the others do, as well.

      Hope that helps! :)
    3. Thank you for the info. I tried to find it on Amazon,but I couldn't find anything at all. I guess wrong search terms and it was just the English (didn't know theere was a JP Amazon). It's even hard to find photos of her too! Most of the ones I find are the ones that are actually already on DoA. I found two on ebay (just the doll in the box with the wig,hairclip,stand,and kimono )and they range from right under $300 to about $350 or so. The original movie set that she came with was like that same amount when it first came out so I can imagine how much it is now. Besides,I just want the doll lol.I do know that the set was a limited of only 500. I'll prolly have to get her through a proxy later on like you said since I doubt that I will be able to get the funds up in time purchase her before the ebay auctions go off. On a later note,I'm just hoping that more info about her will come up.
    4. Hi, .Chibi.I.Kirakishou. I am happy someone else is in love with a GITS gynoid doll :D(The photo you put here is actually from my flickr) I got mine in japanese second-hand shop that has a catalogue online http://www.mandarake.co.jp/ I reccomend that site because I know there were at least two gynoid dolls for sale this year. They ship to other countries and the price in my case was like for a cheap MSD doll.
    5. Thank you! Sorry about using your picture though. *facedesk* She is so beautiful. I know about Mandarake,but I haven't order from there yet. Their search is a little wonky to work with. Do you remember what keywords to use to bring it up (if it is there)?
    6. Don't worry- I wasn't angry or anything;)
      I wouldn't reccomend searching with "doll" or "bjd". I remember just writing "gynoid" . You could also try "GITS", "ghost in the shell", or "innocence" should work as well as it's part of the title.
      I also just checked right now and it seems they don't have any now. I would just check daily these words and hope that one day...:) I really wish you good luck - she is fantastic in real life.
    7. =3 Your pictures of her were the best,methinks. With the keywords doll and bjd,I never found hide nor hare of her (I check that like every other day lol) and when you mentioned Mandarake,I checked "ghost in the shell" as keyword and got nothing,but I will keep looking. When I found her on eBay,there was two of them on there and I had a fit. The sheer coincidence of seeing two blew my mind. It's like my search for Mikhaila bodies in NS. Thank you so much for the help and the blessings. If I am able to get her,I'm going to make sure I do post tons of images and stuff. =3
    8. I am so happy! I just found one on ebay and snatched her up! Awesome! Will post pics when I get her. <3
    9. After several years of browsing Y!J, I'm pretty sure there were two types of gynoids released as Innocence tie-ins: the Motoko version (with flak vest and weapon) and the "sexaroid" version with the lily behind her ear and the red kimono. I have the kimono version--I call her Haraway. ;) This is what she looks like undressed:


      She is 41cm, and her resin is really interesting: very heavy, glossy, and smooth, more like glazed stoneware than like the usual type of BJD resin. Her eyes can be repositioned, though it requires a small screwdriver to open her head.
    10. Thank you for your input about her! I am still looking as she is one of my grails. I seen the other version and I didn't there was a difference in the bodies. I personally like the Kimono version much more. <3
    11. Umm . . . is there a difference in the bodies? :sweat The only difference, as far as I was aware, is in the costuming/packaging. (I want to get a flak vest and a super-duper machine-rifle for Haraway someday, so she can do the full Motoko routine when she's in the mood. ;) )
    12. To my knowledge,there is no difference between the bodies. The heat version is ten times more.expensive and harder to get than the kimono version though.
    13. The Motoko version doesn't seem to turn up on the Western secondary market as often as the kimono version, no, but . . . seriously, TEN times more expensive? When I see the Motoko version on Yahoo!Japan (for instance), she doesn't usually seem to be priced much, if any, higher than the kimono version. :sweat And the two versions seem to be in roughly equal supply on Y!J, at least over the years I've been watching. If you really want to find a Gynoid, but aren't set up with a Y!J bidding service, that might be the way for you to go (even though the dollar/yen exchange rate is awful right now).
    14. I would also like to note that due to her body being rather thick she`s hard to shop for clothes.
    15. She's not literally ten times but on am American market it at like 300+. Or it was the last time I seen on. I do need to set myself up with a srsly. I do have a mandrake account and I have seen her there. Size wise what does she compare to?
    16. Right now, Haraway is wearing a pair of elastic-waist bermuda shorts made for Volks MSD, and a TTYA hoodie from their mini line. I haven't tried any of my mini jeans on her, but I don't really expect them to fit--I'll report back when I do have a chance to make the experiment, though!
    17. Thank you! I have a lot of odd size dolls,so that doesn't bother me. I just don't know what to expect for her.
    18. Anime Jungle in LA had one (with the full DVD set) their display case for years. Not sure if it's still there but I wouldn't be surprised it if is. Don't know which version it was though.
    19. It's prolly the Kimono version,if I had my guess.
    20. So few posts on the GITS gynoid... As this appears to be the authoritative post, I figure this is the thread to keep going!

      Mine is on the way, I'm hoping to add to the limited information available once she's here.

      Any other gynoid owners still active here on the forum?

      Here are some useful details and stats from a 2008 photoshoot thread:

      Additionally, I've been digging around to see if production numbers of the two variations have ever been published. I've seen "500" before (as mentioned in a post above) but I don't know if that was the total from both versions, or what the split looked like.

      If any of you have more details, please share! :]