Giant Centaur?

Apr 26, 2020

    1. This may be a longshot, but does anyone know of a centaur sculpt 60+cm? I know that Doll Chateau has a couple, but I was wondering if anyone else was making anything similar at such a large scale?
    2. I know soom did a centaur id51doll, and Hornblend. Souldoll made Chiron and Serena. I can’t really think of anything else sd sized, but all of those would only be only available secondhand.
    3. there is a bunch of them in the Soom ID51 line indeed.
      Like Hornblend, for example
      [​IMG]Soom - Zinc by Victoria Letynia, on Flickr
      [​IMG]Silas by aki-akki, on Flickr
      There's also Souldoll Chiron which is bigger in size
    4. Here's a Leekeworld Croom next to a Souldoll Chiron

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    5. AAH! Epidos is perfect, even more so than the DollChateau sculpt I'd been looking at. Thank you for this! <3
    6. Don’t forget that the Soom ones are smaller than a regular SD. They’re only like 57cm tall.
      Croom looks like a bearded and elven-eared version of Khal:)
      Here’s Epidos next to Chiron and he seems quite like a baby. Or maybe a teen...
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    7. Soom just started an ID51 free choice event that includes the centaurs! Per their measurement chart they are 55cm tall.
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