Giddeous Project Lumedoll Baughn

Jul 30, 2019

    1. One man's trash is another man's treasure, unless it lands on a Class 5 junk planet! Experience a new brand of sillyousness, from the creator of Lumedoll, at Giddeous Project!

      Long live Comic Sans!

      Available Now!

      Giddeous Project Baughn "Dust" Edition - LE25
      $60USD Face and ear blushing

      Pre-Orders are ready in approximately 8-12 weeks.
      Includes blank basic Baughn doll in light french grey skin tone, custom 8/10mm white resin eyes, Giddeous Project drawstring storage bag, Certificate of Realness, plus other goodies!

      *Clothing, face and body painting, & accessories not included.
      *Dolls have parting lines from mold making process and are not sanded.

      Height 36cm
      Chest 13cm
      Waist 12cm
      Hip 16cm
      Head 13cm
      Foot 5.2cm

      In other news, Lumedoll is on Patreon! Lumedoll is creating Resin ball jointed dolls...and other things | Patreon I will be posting photos from the studio, works in progress, drawings, and hopefully some tutorials!

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    2. I'm currently waiting for one of these guys! I'm super excited to see them in person.
      I don't really have anything ready for when they show up though.
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    3. Oh I my Baughn is shipped and on its way! I am so excited! <3
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    4. I just ordered mine. I was on fence, but I kept looking at him on Eva's website and On Facebook. Always loved her work and this guy just seemed like he needed a home with maybe a job that was less stressful. So I ordered him yesterday and hopefully with cooler weather when he arrives we can get him ready for his new job in the fantasy realm.
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    5. Got my shipping notice today! Hope to see him on Saturday. It should be fun dressing him up. I already got a little gray bunny companion, a Camellia Dynasty Bean Jr.
      @animemom, will you be doing your own face-up?
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    6. No I am not that talented. My daughter in law who is Redmaiko here on DOA does most of my face ups and body work too.
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    7. @animemom, Ah, you're very lucky, her work is wonderful.
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    8. I agree, but then I think she does everything great. My avatar she did as well as several others of mine.
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    9. My Baughn just arrived! He looks great! I'm on the way out the door for Mass and weekly grocery shopping but as soon as I get back, I'll be taking pictures.
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    10. I've been playing with him almost non-stop since last evening. Here's one shot after I finally decided to try some different eyes, although I do like the ones he came with.
      [​IMG]Wout by Nadine, on Flickr
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    11. @phanuel He's adorable and I love his outfit. Where did you get his shirt? Hope we see a lot more of him here.
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    12. @animemom , The shirt is from rRabit. I used to order from them quite a bit, but their more recently posted items aren't as much to my taste. They still have some nice things though.
      1/6 (YOSD) - rRabit Cloth
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    13. Thanks for link.
    14. Do you mind if I post your dollie (or you can) on our facebook page?! They're the first owner one I've seen :)
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    15. @V chan, sure, what page is that, Lumedoll? Here's a link to his flickr album.
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    16. ZZZZOMG I love it! Lumedoll
      I will add them to our ower pics!
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    17. Hello I just finished paying off my (second-hand) Baughn and I'm excitedly waiting for him to ship!! I had no idea these guys existed until I saw the sales post, and totally fell in love. I have been sticking to my "no more new dolls" rule all year...until now.
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    18. @VampireAngel13, I follow you on flickr and can't wait to see what you do with this guy! I love him!
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    19. @phanuel I'm really excited about him. I saw the sales post (first time seeing this mold period) and was just so fascinated I couldn't stop thinking about him. He's officially on the way now, so I can start waiting!
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    20. congrats on the Baughn. I will be paying off mine in a day or two. Excited to see him in person.
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