Gifts for Dolls?

Dec 18, 2016

    1. Just curious, does anyone like to give gifts to their dolls for the holidays? I wouldn't mind it I don't think, but I'm broke this year. ^^;
    2. I occasionally get them new outfits around this time of the year, if I have the extra money to spend on them. Usually something winter related, like new sweaters or some such. I like doing group photos of my dolls with Christmas decorations in the background, so it's always nice if they are dressed to match. :)
    3. My niece asked me what I was getting my dolls for Christmas. I said I'd get them a Christmas tree. Which I did. I do kinda like the idea of getting them presents and wrapping them up...but I'm so busy right now I don't think I'll have time to shop, wrap and unwrap more presents!

      I did have a bit of a splurge on clothes tho and ordered some new eyes. And I've ordered a body for a floating head. And a new wig. And I found a tiny wooden rocking horse for my pukifee... I might pose them with some stuff as though they're playing with their new gifts tho!
    4. That's a cute idea, but I generally consider any new things they get this time of year as a gift for myself that happens to be doll stuff.
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    5. I was going to say the same ;)
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    6. I used to when I only had around 5 dolls, but now I'm pushing 20 and I just don't bother much. I do however get gifts for my dolls' role play partners who belong to my friends, and usually enter at least one holiday swap here. If I get money for Christmas, I do spend a good chunk on doll stuff, but I don't bother wrapping it.
    7. My friend and I only have one doll each right now, so her and I are definitely doing doll gifts for each other! It's mostly clothing. lol
    8. Yeah, I view as technically being that, but it's more fun to say that it's a gift for my dolls.
    9. I plan next year, when I actually have my dolls, to wrap some things and do a Christmas photo shoot of them opening presents! It will likely be little things I find at the dollar store or something, but it would make for some cute photos! Aside from that, I might get them some gifts in place of gifts for me on my birthday next year! Technically that is for me though! xD
    10. I would absolutely give my doll gifts if I had funds but since I do not, I plan on making her gifts. Hopefully next year, I'd be able to buy her shoes and a companion for Christmas.
    11. I did, I bought them all blind bags. :3nodding:
      Mostly My Little Pony and Care Bears ones and one of my yosds got a Thomas the Tank Engine mini blind bag. She is starting to like trains.<3
    12. Although I didn't buy every doll a gift, I did buy some great clothing for my SD (1/3) and YOSD (1/6) dolls. Oh, and my Iplehouse vampire dolls got a couple of horns.

      I also gave one of my blank dolls a faceup as a post-Christmas gift because I had kept him waiting for half a year.
    13. Well, I do get my dolls gifts... Not necessarily for the holidays, just randomly and on impulse when I find an item that they might like.
      Just recently a bought an angel statue (prop item) with Hope (the doll's name) engraved on it for one of my girls!
    14. Sometimes I do, but usually I end up making things for other people's dolls as gifts. ^-^ Nothing says "holidays!!" like a new knitted goodie from a relative!
    15. I think once I get my doll sorted and figure out what I want her to look like I would love to get her gifts. I think it would be adorable.
    16. I got my partner doll themed gifts (clothing and accessories), but not for the dolls specifically.

      It's a cute idea though. I like the thought of tiny presents under a tiny tabletop tree.
    17. They all have birthdays but I haven't really thought much on getting them things for their birthdays, but they definitely get Christmas presents haha!
    18. Now I'm curious: Are your dolls' birthdays the day that you got them or just a day that you chose?
    19. Their birthdays are the days that I got them :)
    20. Hm, I'll have to see if I can remember what day I got my Tiny. I was away from home when she arrived, so I'm not sure what the date was. I don't recall the exact date for my Mini either, but I bought her at a convention, so I can easily look it up.