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Girl clothing size for 42cm boy

Jun 6, 2018

    1. If i buy a 1/4th scale doll that is a 42cm boy, would the female clothing fit?
    2. You should check measurements...
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    3. Because of the wide range of sizes that fit within "1/4" scale some times 1/4 girl clothes don't even fit 1/4 girls! :lol:

      Checking measurements is really the only way to know for sure, but even then the fit might not be perfect to what you had in mind. (Eg bit of gapping at the chest or a bit tight at the thighs so he can stand but not sit etc)
    4. I had an issue with shoes recently, specifically MSD heeled (girl) shoes on an MSD boy..... and uh, it didn't fit. So Nope, double check measurements and if it says it fits, it's possible that sometimes it won't anyway. D:
    5. I have two different 1/4 girls and they can't share clothing. If something is tailored to fit perfectly on one, it'll be either much too loose or much too tight on the other. One is a perfect 1/4 version of a major pattern company's small, the other apparently is apparently a perfect 1/4 version of a fairly petite victorian woman -- go figure. Check measurements and material types, cross your fingers, and be prepared that the fit might very well be a bit Strange unless you get something specifically for your doll's body (ie, something specifically designed for minifee moe line bodies or whatever.)
    6. Just a warning, thou. Minifee is not MSD. You have to look for MSD clothes if you have a MSD, but if you own a Fairyland Minifee, you have to look for Minifee clothes.
    7. Check your doll's measurements and see what kind of clothing other people say works. A good place to start is the discussion threads for your doll's company, I found decent information about the type of clothing that would fit my male doll that way.
      Sometimes you'll find clothes that are "Slim MSD," which fit slimmer dolls, as opposed to regular MSD. If your boy is more of a slim MSD size, I wouldn't be super worried about buying regular size female clothes. If they're chunkier, stick with looser, stretchier items if they're meant for female dolls. Or just ask the seller, they might be able to help if they have similar dolls.
      Minifee (MNF) female sizes are definitely not the same as MSD sizes. I wouldn't buy any MNF stockings, gloves, or tight-fitting clothing for your boy. Their arms and legs are definitely much thinner. Loose baggy clothing might still work.
      For shoes, you need to go by your doll's foot size. Depending how big your doll's feet are, female shoes may just not work.
    8. Like everyone else says, you'll have to check the measurements. I have 2 msd boys both around 42cm and both can get into girls clothes but one is a tight fit and the other fits girls clothes a lot better than boys (both clothes and shoes as his feet are 5.2cm), as boys clothes are usually far too baggy on him.
    9. I think most topics have been covered already, but when looking for clothes "slim MSDs" are also referred as "mature MSDs" sometimes, as opposed to regular ones which tend to have a child-like body shape. And Fairyland is not the only com[pany who makes slim MSD dolls, as far as I know Resinsoul, and several artists have mature mini sculpts.
      Often sellers will write down what sculpt the clothes have been made for or what sculpts they think will fit them. If you doll is from a small/uncommon company and is not usually mentioned in clothes listings, it might be useful to write down the measurements and find out which other companies have similar measurements.
    10. I know the only unisex type dolls are usually Mini Dollfie Dreams and Yosd's. I appreciate the help, I'm getting another MSD sized doll and i'm not sure if i want an androgynous one or a female one.
    11. Whenever you have a question about fitting clothes for a specific sculpt, the best place to ask will be the Discussion thread for that type of doll, where lots of other people have it and can measure it for you or check things. They can probably even tell you where to buy clothes, wigs or eyes for your doll, and show you how things fit on their doll. The availability or range of clothing styles might help you decide, so go ahead and ask in threads about dolls you like.