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Girl shoes and high-heel feet

Aug 14, 2007

    1. There are many cute girl shoes out there. However, the large majority of them are meant for high-heeled feet parts. But don't most dolls come with the normal flat feet? So why don't girl dolls come with high-heel feet so they can fit the shoes meant for them? Also, are there any cute flats out there?
    2. One problem with exclusively high-heeled feet is that the doll might not be able to stand without the high-heeled shoes (Early Musedolls come to mind). That would come as a huge disappointment if I spent $600+ on a basic doll that couldn't stand on its own. I think that's why they come standard with flat feet. I know some companies like DOD sell high-heeled feet as option parts, though.
    3. I have a high heel foot girl, and in reality most of those cute high heels you see are made specifically for the flat footed girls, and just give the illusion of high heels. Lots of them don't fit her bigger high heel feet. ): I'd suggest checking the sizes marked for the shoes you are looking at to be sure this isn't the case. There are only a handful of companies I can think of that make shoes specifically for the high heeled foot parts. I wish there was more selection. Trying to find shoes in a style I like that 100% for sure fit my high heeled foot girl is a bit difficult.
    4. I have a couple pairs of the actual high heel shoes and boots, and non of my girls have high heel feet, and they fit pretty good. But yes and the same time there are several styles of pretty high heel footwear for flat footed girls.
    5. I've looked around but I might have missed a thread like this, so please excuse me if there is one, and if this is in the wrong place, please move it as you feel is necessary...But the question is--are heel parts necessary?

      I'm still a total newb to all this, and in my research I've seen tippy-toe feet that are called "heel parts", that are presumably to the wearing of high heel shoes and boots easier/possible. But I was under the impression that if one wanted to put high heels on their BJD, all they had to do was tilt the foot forward, like humans do.
      Was this assumption wrong? Are they necessary to wear high heel anything?

      Any response would be greatly appreciated. :)
    6. I can't speak for all the different models, but I think that it is often necessary to change the feet from flat to high heels so the doll can fit into high heel shoes. I have a EID Iplehouse girl and I had to change her feet so she could wear high heels. It was impossible otherwise. I hope this helps.
    7. None of my girls have high heel feet, but several can stand pretty well in heels. However, I think this may depend somewhat on the shape of the shoe itself -- how high the heel is and how the arch is shaped. Also some dolls have better flexion in their ankles than others which can also be a contributing factor.
    8. For most high heel shoes (particularly in the stiletto style), you must have the doll wear feet specifically molded to fit them. Most companies will let you know if a specific shoe will only fit the high heel foot. Dollheart's high heel shoes are an example: it's near impossible to get flat feet to fit in them. However, some shoes, like those produced by Leekeworld, don't require high heel feet because their heels are lower.
    9. It really depends on the shoe. Some heels, yes, you can just slip them on normal feet, but higher heels that have a more curvy foot sole need to have different doll feet.

      My dollmore eves can wear "Dale Rae" high heels with flat feet.
    10. I was wondering this today too. About Luts shoes though. I'm planning to get a SDF girl and I'm only wondering if their high heel feet are necessary. They make no mention of it on their shoe display pages and I'd hate to buy a girl with some high heel shoes and find out I should have added high heel feet to the cart. Or whether they will use high heel feet as the defaults instead of flat if you buy shoes that would require them. So if anyone knows the answer to this thank you very much.
    11. For years I've had my girls in heels without heel feet, and they've stood fine in them. My newer girls have heel feet, and while they fit certain shoes better, they don't stand nearly as well as those wearing heels in flat feet. I've never really understood why.
      The only shoes I've found where you need heel feet for, are the very high heeled shoes, made for SD16 and taller girls. I've never had an SD13 shoe that had such a high arch that a flat foot didn't fit into it fine.

      loz64 - I've never had a problem fitting flat feet into Dollheart heeled shoes personally.
    12. It depends on the doll and the shoe. I find Volks SD10 girls don't stand very well in most shoes with much of a heel at all wearing flat feet because their feet and ankles aren't really sculpted to tilt forward. That said, I have several pairs of shoes that are more of a platform but APPEAR, because of the way the sole is made, to have a high heel, even though they allow the doll's foot to stay mostly flat. (Dollheart shoes are good for this. Leekeworld shoes are not.)
    13. I have a flat footed SD10 doll in some particularly high Dollheart heels, and like kawaii_mon, I don't have a particular problem.

      I've never owned any dolls with heel parts, and haven't had too much of a problem yet. Some dolls may have problems standing in heels, but they are always harder to stand.
    14. My SD10 girl has heels but not heel feet and they look natural. I think it depends on the style of the shoe.
    15. i do have a high heel for my daughter from leekeworld..she still can stand firmly
    16. I discovered that the shoes that are meant for 'high-heeled feet' will usually fit pretty easily on flat-foot dolls. As long as they are not 'open toe" heels, or 'open side/back' heels, they are usually fine. You just angle their toes down, put the shoes on, zip/tie them up, and i've never had a problem. But i do prefer having the high-heeled shoes for high-heeled feet, because your options in shoe designs expands a bit.
    17. I put a lot of the high-heeled shoes on my girls that have flat feet, it looks just fine. A couple of my girls did come with high-heeled feet, but so far I haven't used them, as I like to switch between flats and high heels quite frequently (I love shoes!). There are some cute flats out there, you just have to do a lot of searching, depending on what style you like...
    18. I'm planning to buy a Leekeworld BJD and I noticed they didn't have any heeled feet, yet the company shoes for heeled feet. :(What sense does this make? What do you think of this? Any suggestions on what I can do?
    19. Bambicrony doesn't either (I have a BC that needs heel feet also), but you can look at the size feet your doll has then look for other doll companies that sell heel feet separately in a compatible size and resin color and use them. Be sure to buy some that attach to the dolls ankle the same way as her existing feet.
    20. A lot of dolls do stand in heeled shoes with flat feet. It's just a matter of learning how their centre of balance changes when posing them.