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girlfriends and your dolls

Jan 4, 2007

    1. I know there's a thread about Boyfriends and BJD?


      But was wondering What reaction/response guys get from gals when they find out you like to collect dolls? Since doll collecting is not thought of as something most guys do.

      Are what does their girlfriend think of their hobby.
      Any meet their girlfriend are s/o becase of bjd say,,, at doll meets???

      Over the years I had a few "your weird" reactions But some of the gals I have dated over the years,doll collecting was one of the things that attracted them to me. They found it very refreshing to find a guy that was not all "how MACHO can i be" And in some cases it gave us something more in common.
    2. Well, considering you're asking on a doll forum, you'll probably find that a lot of girls here might be happy to have a guy that's also a collector. I'd be happy because for me that would mean one more hobby I could share with a guy.

      I'm not a fan of macho culture, but I like to see people be themselves, whatever that is. I'd probably be elated to find out my boyfriend had a secret stash of minis or something. I'm happy when a guy I like is into the same kinds of video games as me, likes to watch the same kinds of movies, or likes anything else I'm into.
    3. hmmm honestly i do find it a bit weird...

      ...but its cool as well. especially with BJDs as they seem to be an increadiable out pour for creativity...it would be neat if my bf like actually wanted one. but he doesnt find them stupid or something...so i'm happy with that.
    4. Well I have had mixed reactions. Some girls thought it was weird, some thought it was neat, and the remainder never really said anything (each to their own I guess). I found however 90 percent of the girls that thought they where neat all had boyfriends. The ones that where single thought I was weird. :sweat But what ever. I am sure though eventually when I do have a GF, she'll hopefully like them, and not expect me to sell them.

      Generally for the most part I have not had my girls out in public locally. The one place I have taken them, I had some strange reactions. :lol: But I expected it from the guys at the hobby store. The only other times I usually have them out with me is with other doll owners. If I took any of my girls out with me on say a family dinner or something I would be shunned for sure. Mom is really the only supportive one (to a point), everyone else not really.

      Ok, so I went a little overboard on answering the question. :sweat But it's not to often questions of discuission are directed to us guys here. :)
    5. My husband absolutely loves ABJDs (he's an engineer and also a theatre TD) and is currently designing his own bodies! He loves the DOT dolls best and I think if he could have a human male that looked like Duncan, I'd be in trouble *winks*
    6. I started this thread becase i saw a thread titile Guys and your dolls. so i thought i would start one for us guys.
    7. Hah. I am excited enough when a guy isn't intimidated or disturbed by my doll interests. Meeting more guys actually into the hobby would be awesome to me. I've only met one so far.
    8. Actaully, it hasn't changed much...

      I met Effigy :thumbup (who's also on this forum) via Dollfies (mostly - we also hang around some of the same parties), and I have had a huge response... from the 9-12yo:doh ... which makes me a little uneasy in this day and age, frankly:sigh (I'm male, white, middle-age... in other words, everything's my fault as far as minorites are concerned).

      Apart from that, nope, nothing special.
    9. Speaking as a woman, I'm *delighted* to meet guys who are interested in my dolls, even if it's more in an engineering/design sense than an "ooh, let's dress them up" sense . . . I rather envy the friends of mine who have partners who enjoy sharing their doll hobby -- my husband thinks I'm a little crazy, but he knew that when he met me anyway ;)

      -- A <3
    10. I'm part Korean, and my BF understands my attraction to my hobbies through my 100% asian friends. <cause they started this little fire> ;)

      He's into music, art and literature... plus he's pretty smart with computers and that C/C+ kinda thing. *_* I'm so not a techie person...

      He sees my BJD hobby as a way of expressing myself and totally digs the fact that while he can paint and do his "computer" thing, I can play with my dollies and not destroy his stuff. <He can braid hair too! Don't let him know I told ya's>
    11. As a doll collector, I don't look at the gender difference, I guess - anyone who collects or appreciates ABJDs are awesome in my books. :D

      But even before I got interested in dolls, I've never thought guys who collected them were weird or looney; in fact, I found it great that they can be so passionate about their hobbies.

      My fianc&#233; can appreciate ABJDs, but as much as I love boy dolls, he prefers the girl dolls. I'm not complaining, since it's definitely a step into getting him hooked on the hobby! He sees them more as art, and beautiful pieces that can be posed and sculpted into different forms, where as I'm giving Jun wardrobe changes as often as I can. Lol. I dream of the day where he'll be interested enough to own one, but for now, he says it's enough to just appreciate my doll.
    12. I guess I'll be happy to have a guy whom also have the same hobby as I do. At least we had something in common and at least he understand what am I doing but not thinking I'm still such a child act. Macho ain't my type but tender and gentle yeah...XD So yeah, I guess I would prefer a guy whom love my doll as well!
    13. Hehe they certainly are beautiful - I dunno if I'd want to have a BF as into them as I am...he might nick one while I wasn't looking XD I'm protective of my crew, especially my big faves (Sha, elf Ducan and now B-el)

      Oooooh he's a TD? Man I miss theatre so much T-T just couldn't get anything steady out here :P that wasn't perpetual contract work :(

      I'm making a head on my own first XD before I try a body XD

      Anyhoo back on topic, I think maybe if a guy was toting a doll around town all the time like it was his soulmate I'd probably think it a little strange XD but a guy who collects? nah, I mean how many anime nerds are there who collect figs? (I used to be huge nerd but I'm a girl so I guess it's easier to get away with) and reskin garage kits and the like...somehow that's more acceptable than a doll? Meh same in my eyes.
    14. My husband is military and he was kinda creeped out by my doll at first...but I catch him moving a limb here and there when he walks by her bed now. And sometimes when I get up in the morning she's in a "more comfortable" position than she was when I went to bed. I told him I want to get her a boyfriend someday and I saw him checking out the DoD site XD It's really cute I love it.
    15. My boyfriend loves the dolls... he's currently saving up for his own. (DoT Ducan.) He would have gotten one before me, except he thought that wouldn't be fair. ^^ Anyway, to be honest, I wish he was more into the doll scene than he is. Or at least more active here. ^^;; He's awesome though. He knows how to sew, when I don't... so he's gonna make her first outfit for me. ^^
    16. To be honest, I've had both reactions - people who think it's the creepiest thing on the planet and people who think it's adorable - from both boys and girls. Generally girls who are into the hobby as well (Or at least vaguely interested in dolls too) think my collection is wonderful - they generally seem a bit more peeved when I tell them my next one is going to be my first girl, especially when they see what their figures look like :)
    17. I do find it weird i must admit but kinda cool at the same time. I always thnk if they have a beautiful female doll there perverts or if its a male doll there gay lol, i no this isnt true AT ALL its just the culture i live in :). But i do wish at other times my boyfriend would be mildly interested in my dolls instead of regrading them with disgust :(
    18. To be perfectly honest if I wasn't into the hobby and a guy showed me his dolls there would be two possible reactions... If he had customized them himself, if they were sexy, or mature or concept dolls in general, if he took them as models for some sort of artwork etc... I'd say: cool! That's great! and I would consider it as an artistic outlet, a simple appreciation of beauty. On the other hand if he had bought dolls all pinkish and cute already completely made I would think it's weird. I don't know if that makes any sense :lol: It's ok even if that was case but... I would be just a little bit more surprised I guess.

      When I show guys photos of dolls most of them thought they were great, especially the most complex and dark ones... My boyfriend likes them too, lucky me! So long as he doesn't want to play with them :lol:
    19. it can be werid sometimes. i do get werid comments and all. but what is wrong with guys geting a doll? i guess it is the stereotype from people. but i am cool with it, because owning a doll does not make you gay or something right?
    20. I'm a girl, and after getting Lenore, my boyfriend decided that he wants a doll too. He's saving up for a DOT Camine, and I'm thrilled. Every other day he's like "I can't wait to get my boy-doll!" I think it's awesome, and anyone who calls guys "gay" for having a doll is just an a**hole and should be ignored.