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Girls or Boys and are you Male or Female?

Jun 19, 2009

  1. Female and prefer Girls

  2. Female and prefer Boys

  3. Male and prefer Girls

  4. Male and prefer Boys

  5. Female with no preference or have equal of both

  6. Male with no preference or have equal of both

Multiple votes are allowed.
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    1. I'm conducting a little survey here. I'd like to know if you are male or female and whether you have more boy dolls than girl dolls or vice virsa. So I'm trying to see if it's sort of an opposite sex attraction thing or if you just kind of relate to your own sex. OR whatever.
      I'm female and parcel to boys and don't really know why. I'm thinking it's because of my female attraction to males as all my boy dolls are "my type" of guy. But you may all have different reasons and I'd just like to hear from you.

      Please feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from you.

      I, myself, LOVE everything about girls BUT I find myself wanting more boy dolls and characters than girls. I'm still confused by it. Girls are so great because they are frilly and dressy, sassy, and I'm into the ruffles, lace, cuteness and the whole nine. But I find myself with many boy dolls on my list because I want "bad *sses" My girl dolls are innocent and my boy dolls are mafia incorporated. I love them! :aheartbea
    2. I find I tend to prefer female dolls. I like the male ones, the females just scream 'buy me' louder! I also tend to go for more feminine looking dolls, though the 'bad-@$$es' also catch my attention. But even with a 'girly' doll, the right outfit could make her look tough. ^_^
    3. I'm female, and it's kind of weird for me. I love SD sized boys, but I prefer MSD sized girls. However, I would have to say because I am more partial to SD sized dolls, that I am more partial to male dolls.
    4. I'm female and I'd say I like both equally! <3 My wishlist is composed mostly of boys, however, I've suddenly felt myself totally gravitating towards girl dolls like crazy!! xD And I love looking at pics of both boys and girls in the gallery, favoring no one over the other based on gender [it's all about those aesthetics! ;D] So I think I've invariably balanced myself out. :3
    5. I voted for the second one. I just happen to have more fun creating boy characters than girls. I have 2 girls and 5 boys. I have plans for maybe a couple more girls, but a bunch more guys. :)
    6. I'm female, and I have 6 boys and one girl. So far. There are more boys on the wishlist than girls, too. I just tend to go more for the boy sculpts, I guess. I find them easier to dress, too.
    7. I'm female and go mostly for the girls too. ^_^;; I think it's because I'm pretty tomboyish in real life and like to dress girl dolls up in 'the whole 9 yards', frilly dresses, stockings, bows in the hair, you know. ^_^

      I also go for younger looking dolls than older ones. =o I have yet to find an adult-looking female I like, while I have found a few adult looking-males I like. But overall young girl dolls are total love for me~ <3 (MSD & Yos especially!)
    8. ^-^ Im a chick and I like...boys. Boys :3 HuHu
    9. Female and perfer the boys. I have like 7 girls home currently, with one on the way, and 30ish boys?
    10. Female and prefers boy dolls! I have one boy now, one I'm waiting for and a girl I'll start to save for.

      But I like my male dolls to look older and bigger..(Supergem, dollshe boys, 70 cm dolls) and the girls to look a tad younger and smaller.. (SD's and such)

      Not exactly sure why but that's just how I am!:]
    11. Female and all the dolls I have (two) and all the ones I want are boys. I don't even desire any girl dolls. o-o; They don't appeal, they look too sweet or blank, and I like dolls with smug or attitude or at least the capability to have attitude with the right face up. Girls just have too big eyes and too small mouthes, and they just don't have enough capability to look snarky.
    12. I'm female and have both. I started out being more interested in boys, but have close to an equal number of both. I appreciate good looking male dolls to say the least--that was what drew me in at first, but I enjoy female characters too as I can relate to them in a different way.

      KarieChaos trust me on this, girl sculpts have just as much ability to look snarky and sassy as they do sweet and innocent, lol. A lot of it has to do with faceup, wig style, eye size (I mean the eyes you put in, not the eye socket) etc--the same things as boy dolls or any dolls really.
    13. I'm a girl, and so far the dolls I've liked the most have been girls. There have been a few boy dolls I like, but something about them being anatomically correct freaks me out lol.
    14. lol Ima female and I likes Boy dolls..^_^, I tryed haveing a girl doll but im no good at being a girl myself. I think the only way i would own a female doll is if it was a minimee of a person, Anime character I know
    15. I am female and I have a marked preference for girl dolls. Aesthetically, I just think that girls are prettier/cuter/sexier than guys.

      And the whole guy dolls having guy parts makes me a little nervous. ^_^() Like I'd be some kind of pervert changing their clothes and blushing their bodies... I mean... seriously.

      Also, since I'm female, I have more female Role Playing characters than anything. And since most of my dolls are based on characters... there you have it. There's only a couple of boy dolls I plan on getting... (At the moment at least. I did, after all, say I wasn't getting any boy dolls when I started this hobby... ^_^() ) and they are both characters from stories... and really the only guys in the stories... so yeah.

      Put me down as female for girls! ^_^
    16. I'm a female and I prefer girl dolls ^^ I really don't know why...I don't have any dolls YET but I'm sure I'll have some guy dolls too... it's just more fun to dress up girl dolls and stuff :) they have cuter accessories I think...
    17. I'm female and I definitely prefer girl dolls! They're just cuter and prettier than boys, and they have better clothes! Boy clothes are boring... :lol: I suppose I might have been more interested in boy dolls when I was single, but I'm happily married now and don't really need some attractive male-type-thing to look at.

      I generally prefer child dolls as well (because they're so cute!), I have a mini, a tiny, and another tiny on the way (all girls)... but I'm planning to buy an adult female sometime soon. The dolls I have now are very cutesy, but she'll hopefully be more elegant and beautiful, not really cutesy at all, so I hope I can enjoy her as much! :sweat
    18. Female and prefer boys.
      Like KarieChaos, a lot of girl dolls don't appeal to me much for the same reason.
      It is just easier to find boys that have that smug or mischievous look that I just love. I love it when they look like they're up to something, or want to kick your butt. And I don't like big eyes much either.
      Yes, I know there are girl molds that can look mischievous, fierce and sassy if given the right look, but a lot of them still don't appeal to me in a 'must have' way. Or they're not the size I want (which is MSD). I am very picky about girl dolls for some reason, but I do want one and I have been searching for my perfect girl for a while. I will find her D:<
    19. I'm a male and the dolls I have/plan on getting are all female. There are basically two types of girl dolls I like though, the pretty ones like AS Claudia or DoD Shall, and the ones who could be a one-girl-army like DD Yoko or Saber. :lol: My preferences probably say something weird about my personality but I don't care those kinds of dolls are fun. :)
    20. I'm female, and I only have one doll (and it's a girl), but my plans include 2 more girls and 4-5 boys. All of them are based off original characters, but the boys all resemble (physically) real people, all of whom I find attractive. ;D
      I'm not one to identify too often with females, but it does happen on occasion.