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Girls view on guys who own BJDs

Oct 26, 2010

    1. Ok if this is a repeat tread go ahead and delete it.--

      So for those hoards of ladies out there on this forum, what are your thoughts on us guys who own BJDs?

      Is it normal, strange, expected or shunned (I hope not). Any other thoughts besides my limited and vague questions?
    2. Well, I started out with BJDs in Japan, and at Japanese events I was rather startled to see that there were a LOT of guys involved. I didn't expect it, but it was a pleasant surprise; it's a really mixed community.

      It's as normal as any of us adults playing with dolls :lol:. Seriously, there won't be any shunning!
    3. I appreciate the guys in this hobby, and I think they have some excellent ideas :)
      It's not weird or bad.
    4. Three words: follow your bliss!
    5. I think it is great! We recently convinced one of our male friends to join the hobby, and he is currently saving for a Supia Roda. It is fun to talk to him about them, and see a different view than all of my female friends who own dolls. He even carried my msd boy around the last convention we went to, which was great since I carried my sd around most of the weekend, so my little one didn't have to stay in the room!
    6. I find it a little odd when I see men with BJD's, to be honest. It's a gut reaction of 'thats wrong, isnt it?' but I would never let it affect my opinion of the person. I consider it a culturally biased reaction, because men owning dolls has a negative connotation in western culture.
      But like I say, even though I might initially react that way, I'd overcome it super fast, Im sure.
    7. I think it's wonderful! Seriously. I truly feel so sad that many Men in the hobby feel
      nervous or ashamed to admit their gender out of fear of being shunned. Why would
      we shun a fellow doll lover? I don't understand that. Obviously to the "outside" world
      it would seem strange that a Man collected dolls but then again those same people
      would likely find it weird that grown women still loved dolls. But those people don't
      matter much to me! I hope more guys will feel comfortable on the forum, maybe your
      thread will help those who are still afraid :D

      I decided to edit instead of post again. I would much rather see guys with BJD's than
      with those usually raunchy anime/manga figurines. If I saw a guy with a pukipuki sticking
      out of his shirt pocket I would think that was the cutest thing ever and I would likely
      have to tell him so. Not long ago I saw a box opening video of a guy getting his first yo-sd,
      I'll admit I felt a little odd seeing a guy squee over a doll that looked like a little child....
      but I got over it....why can't a guy express himself more verbally than by going "yeah,
      that's cool..." . Also when you consider that the majority of these dolls are in fact sculpted
      by Men it does seem wrong to think that it's OK if Men make dolls, but not if they want to
      buy/own them :? .......:)
    8. Firstly, this is a really cool subject, and I hope it stays civil but honest, because I often wonder this myself when I see men with dolls in a crowd of women with dolls. I often wonder what the women there think and how they treat the man,:) because the only doll owners I've met are female.

      Honestly, I've never met a man who owned a BJD or any doll other than Action Figures, however I don't see them much different than action figures. You can just dress them up and change their hair/eyes/etc.

      I second Linzabeth though, because depending on the man I do have a knee jerk reaction of 'It seems wrong', but it normally leaves as fast as it comes (in an instant). I feel it's ingrained in us culturally that 'dolls are for girls'. But even my boyfriend who isn't interested in dolls at all takes an interest in my BJD's and I don't think it would be too much of a leap to assume he'd want one. It's all about interest, and hobbies that make you happy.
    9. I think it's really cool~ I've seen some guys online with dolls so I guess it wasn't really shocking to me, but they seem like to be rather few compared to girls who own dolls so maybe that's why people feel weird when they come across one. Personally, I'd like my boyfriend/husband to have an interest in BJD even if they don't own one so it won't feel so awkward when I'm gushing about my boys~ (but it'll be AWESOME if they really do own one) :XD:
    10. My little brothers used to take my dolls and play with them when they were little. Then they got to school and people told them dolls were for girls so they stopped. I think both men and women are perfectly capable of enjoying the pretend aspects and the character development that goes into playing with dolls.

      I think it is wonderful those men and women who share their love of dolls with each other. These dolls are beautiful works of art, I actually am very excited to know there are men as well as women who can enjoy them.
    11. I think that men with bjds are cool! Dolls are for everyone really, so there's no need to feel embarassed about owning one (: And I'm pretty sure that this community wouldn't be so close-minded as to shun people ):

      Besides, a cute bjd would be a hit with the Ladies -wink wink nudge nudge-

      Actually, there are some guys out there that likes to buy big-busty female bjds and dress them up in raunchy outfits like maid outfits, swimsuits, schoolgirl uniforms etc... So really, those bjds are not very different to those anime figurines ):
    12. I, too, have a gut reaction about guys with dolls. Not so much a judgmental one or that it's wrong for him to have dolls, but more, "IS something off about him?" Because let's face it... It's not "normal" for a guy to want to play with dolls in Western culture, probably not even Eastern. If he does, we typically assume he's gay/effeminate, even if they're girl dolls. And a lot of boys are raised by other non dolly people and thus have a "natural" aversion to dolls in general. So to come across it is weird for me, but totally cool. :D I get sick of some much estrogen, to be frank.
    13. I think it's a hobby to be shared by both genders.
      It's cool that there is guys involved in the dolly world :D

      I don't think that guys who are in this hobby should feel ashamed or shy about it at all, since there is nothing wrong with it.
      but as many has said i think oppinions can vary from different cultures.
      People here in Denmark would think guys with dolls are gay but that's just because they need something to look down at to seem more cool themselves, in my oppinion.
    14. Guys with dolls? For me it's no different than girls with video games. And as an avid fan of gaming, I'd be a right hypocrite if I didn't like the idea.

      I've got a very loose grip on the concept of gender at the best of times (or, as I like to say - gender stereotyping is the worst invention humans ever came up with) so I might not be the best person to ask. ^_^;;;;
    15. I have no problem with it at all! Although I do think when I hear that a guy has bought something like a Dollfie Dream Dynamite for example, "hmmm and I wonder why THAT is...."
      In that cirumstance I do roll my eyes a bit ^^'
    16. I think it's awesome! I love when I can share my hobby with others, and that includes guys. No different from any kind of toy collecting, in my opinion.
    17. I think it's cool.

      I know a number of guys with dolls and think they are fantastic!
    18. There are plenty of WOMEN out there that do this as well, myself included - I also happen to collect the previously mentioned anime figures, who are not horrible at all - so it is not something solely male, and there are plenty of people on DoA who enjoy the PVC/garage kit collecting hobby as well so it's probably best not to cast aspersions on it.

      As for men with dolls, I have no problem with it and don't really see why it should be an issue.
    19. its all good. wish there were more where I come from.
    20. Personally, I never had any trouble with younger guys (35 and younger or guys with a younger looking face) owning BJDs. I have everything from trans-gender friends to guys who wear make-up, so within my own age group boys with "girl" habits are nothing new.

      All that said, I do need to own up to something I'm not proud of in the slightest. I hate to admit this, but older men with dolls do make me pause. It's not like "OMG, he's over 30 and therefore is a creeper with a doll", but it does take me a minute to not be shocked. I'm so used to people past 35 so conservative that I never imagined any of them would break cultural mores and join this hobby. My grandmother dresses dolls, so women don't surprise me, but I've never met a older gentleman in non-internet life who has dolls. (Well, if you don't count action figures as dolls. I do know some guys who still have their GI Joe's and are nearly or beginning to retire.)

      So, to sum it up: younger guys, never had a problem. Older guys, I'm learning something new about you! :)