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Giving a doll as a gift

Apr 29, 2006

    1. Have you ever bought a doll and given it as a gift to someone? Which doll did you buy? Who did you buy it for?
    2. I purchased a CP Elf Ttori for my husband's birthday as a surprise present. He loved it!

    3. i havent , but i would totally do that if i had enough money, i want to buy one for my cousin as a gift !
    4. I'm saving up to buy my girlfriend a DOT Shall. She paid for my Lishe, so I figured I'd return the favor.
    5. I'm saving up for a tiny doll for my mom. Since I moved out a year ago, she's been really lonely and has started up her old hobby of putting together doll houses, so I thought either I'd get her one of those really tiny elfdoll girls that can fit in the doll houses or maybe a Bambicrony that wouldn't fit in her house but she could hold it whenever she misses me.
    6. I let my bestfriend take Luna to live with her in Boston as a gift :)
    7. I just received a doll as a gift!!! A very dear friend bought me a Volks Yukinojo! I'm going to pay her back though, but... OMG, I'm soooo happy! *spazzes*

      But I do have plans to buy a doll as a gift for a friend once I can save up enough money. She doesn't make much money at all and really wants a CP Miyu ^_^
    8. I bought my daughter a Volks MSD Myu and worked on her secretly at night doing her face-up, blushing... she already had a Sharmin but Myu was her dream doll.... wow was she surprised... and she loves her so much im glad I did...

    9. Hehe, yes, 3 times actually. I bought an El Special for my sister (Belladonna) for her birthday because we share everything, including our love and passion for dolls so it just wouldn't be right if she didn't have one. I bought a Lishe for my other sister (Frozen wings), and another boy, Elf Yder for Belladonna (though I had a bit of help from my parents and her boyfriend with that one) ^_^
    10. If I had the money I'd buy my mom a Luts Soo. She's actually terrified of dolls but when she saw Suki, she fell in love and she thinks that Soo has the sweetest face.
    11. Just a dollfie plus doll for my little sister, she's not crazy about dolls or anything but she liked it allot and now wants a MSD for her wedding... -__-" And if i had the money, I'd buy all the dolls that were up for sale, then give them to the people who wanted them
    12. A dear friend of mine helps me make all of Sakiyo's clothes as well as all of my cosplay costumes, so I am saving to buy her a Souldoll Little Metel. I've never really paid her back, so it's only really fair of me to repay her for what has been hundreds of dollars in time spent. ^^;

      And she loves the dolls. :3
    13. If I had a second part-time waitressing job, which I used to until they went out of business, I would so save up and buy a co-worker of mine a dollfie. Probably a Luts Soo. She's seen mine before (I used to have a Soo) and she loved it!! She's kind of like a 2nd Mom to me, she calls me her adopted daughter. :) *sigh* Maybe I'll find another waitressing job and be able to do that. ;)
    14. A very good friend of mine helped pay for my Tsukasa, and even brought him to me in person on my birthday <3

      I promised I'd buy my best friend her first doll, if she ever decided who it be! XD;
    15. If I have enough money for a doll... I'll buy one to my sister...
    16. I'd love to buy my mom a doll. She bought me both of my boys, so I'd like to at least pay her back. She's seen a few that she thought were nice and she calls mine her grandsons, but there aren't really any that she likes so much that I'd get them for her. I did consider getting her her own Yen for a while, but I already have one and she'd probably give him back to me, anyway. >>;

      One of my friends really wanted a Minifee El for a while... if I'd had the money, I'd have helped her buy him.
    17. After I get my next boy, the dolly funds are going to go towards getting my best friend an El Special or a Blue Fairy Niki. :) She definitely deserves it!
    18. I am doing something like this for christmas for someone but can't say who.
    19. My fiance got me a yosd rengemaru as an xmas anniversary gift! I thought that was very sweet.
      I was going to save money and buy my fiances doll, but he had enough for his doll before I did (is all embarrased). I was going to save for my dad, he wants a Dollfie Dream Rei from Evangelion, but he has already told me no! He wants to get her himself.
      I would have loved to get a MSD Maggie for my dear grandmother (she has passed some time ago), shes the one who got me into dolls when I was very little! I just know she would have loved Maggie!
      I think I might be saving soon to get my fiance souldoll metel! *shhhhishhhhh* dunt say nuttins!
    20. I got one of my dearest friends an Elf Ani boy head from Luts. ^^ She loves him soooo much. I then bought him his clothes, eyes, and wig. And now I'm hoping I might be able to surprise her with a Luts Kid Delf boy body someday so she can finally put Loki together. ^^