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Giving up other dolls for BJDs?

Jan 15, 2009

    1. Mods; I tried searching for a thread like this, and couldn't find any. If there was one, and I somehow missed it, feel free to poke me with a PM and delete this. I'm a bit nervous here, first thread I start in this place. :sweat

      For those of you who don't know, I collect Pullips. Since March of last year, I've managed to get four of them. I remember that, when I first got them, I "graduated" to them from Barbie. That means, I got rid of and sold all the Barbies I had, and used that money to buy my first Pullip.

      But now, the BJD Bug's seriously bitten me! And I just can't see myself counting pennies and risking my dream girl (DoT Shall) going out of production. I don't know how likely that even is, but the thought scares me.

      SO, my question here is -- have any of you guys given up your previous, non-BJD doll collections? Anyone who's sold all their Barbies, Pullips, Momokos, or whatever it was they had to fund their first big girl/boy? How did it go? Totally worth it, or did you regret it? The idea's been on my mind for about a month or two now, and I'd love to hear from people who have actually tried it. :)
    2. well i have not sold any yet but i have a few living dead dolls i might have to sell for a bjd.

      i really hope i dont have to but if i do i think it will be worth it. and im actually sorta planning on selling atleast one
    3. I used to own over 30 custom obitsu/volks/misc 1/6th figures I each painted, customised and wrote stories about...

      I only held onto about 8 of my most treasured ones so while I neglect them I don't really regret selling off my other ones...

      I recommend about selling off your least favourites first and such... If you find the call of bjds waaaay too strong, and you neglect all our other dolls, sell them off to friends...
    4. I recently sold one of my Pullip dolls to have a down payment for my first official BJD. I only keep dolls that have meaning for me or are favorites. I have many other expensive hobbies so I have to funnel money from somewhere if i want to get something new.
    5. I haven't sold any as much as given away my Barbies. I was still collecting them at 15 but once I saw bjds, that was it for Barbie. I tried selling the collectors editions that were still in the boxes, but they weren't worth much. Barbie, unfortunately for me, couldn't contribute a dime towards my bjds.
    6. I used to collect porcelain dolls, then got interested in Dal but gave it all up for BJDs. BJDs are the dolls I have most fun with, with wich I can create the most entertaining and interesting characters and the ones that triggers my creativity like nothing else.

      I still collect clown dolls though but in that little hobby of mine the type of doll doesn't matter so I don't think it really count in this case. :3
    7. Well Andie, as you know I did it the other way round, BJDs first pullip's second... probably why I'm still stuck on 2 pullips...

      Personally, I always see money spent is money spent. I don't usually sell anything unless it's BJD clothing that I've never used but other than that, unless I'm pushed for space or it's something I've been given and is new but I'll never use it or dislike it, then I just keep saving for my BJDs.

      My advice is like kd_230692, if you're not giving your Pullips the same attention as you did before then maybe try selling the ones you're not as attached to. Always keep the ones you like or else you'll regret it (maybe not, but that's for you to decide.) Although I must say, I like having another doll that's not a BJD xD It breaks things up a bit and keep me going in both hobbies.
    8. I haven't sold my Blythes yet but I don't have many. I may sell some later on in the future as I've lost interest in some of them. I have a small core group of about 6 girls who will remain with me but I could see letting a few go. I do notice with the exception of three that I've lost some interest in my blythes...which kind of makes me sad...:(
    9. Yes ..I sold everything that wasnt nailed down ..
      I had a huge vintage Pippa collection , Action Girls ..Sindy ,70s Barbie ...they all went (apart from a few of my own childhood Pippa dolls and an Action Girl )
      I sold Blythe ...Jenny and everything else (I still have some Blythe though ...and I have Hujoo and Pullip) I dont miss the dolls I sold ...I find my BJDs much more rewarding ...although a few Pippa are sneeking back in ..:D
    10. No one has been sold to pay for the customs but I did part with a good half of the Barbies and early attempts at home made clothes I wasn't playing with. Mostly it was for space issues as they weren't exspensive boxed collectors dolls. The little girl down the street just had her best doll Xmas ever :) Although I've parted with some dolls I've had for 20+ years none of them were beloved and were ready to go.

      The dolls did make me examine and give up less rewarding interests, broke the CCG habit before it started and less to spend on snacks and treats I don't need. I am selling off books from my sizable library, I'll play with a Puki more than Call of Cthulhu, and looking at ways to turn my other hobbies and intersts in to doll money.
    11. I sold my American Girl LOL
    12. I came about the whole thing in the wrong way. I decided I wanted to make doll clothes, then had to buy barbies as they were all I could buy locally from the range that the patterns fitted. After a few years I'm getting bored of them, though, and am hoping to get my first "up-market" doll in June. :D
      It'll be more expensive, but more fun. And I won't have as many issues with minute pattern pieces.
    13. There are several people here that have gotten rid of their Blythes and Pullips and graduated to a ABJD. You won't be the only one!
    14. Me too! I had TONS of Pippas, one of each minus the French variations. I even got one of the cheapo Pippa recasts which don't go for much but don't come up for sale very often. I mostly don't regret selling them terribly, but I wish I'd held onto my Pale Haired Princess and my minty Jasmine and Gail in a box - but then of course their price got me a fair bit of BJD stuff. But they're so HTF :(

      OK I guess I do regret it. Mainly because I could've afforded the BJDs anyway. It was just that they're sooo expensive I panicked at first!

      I do still have lots of Pippa clothes and I did keep one Pippa and one Marie.

      I still have my Pippa website up (pippasobituary) :sweat so I suppose I do hold that Pippa torch high.

      *goes to look at Pippas on ebay*
    15. Yeah, I had seven Rozen Maiden Pullips this time last year, then I saw my friend's bjd and bought my first boy exactly one year ago... and became hooked, now I have no pullips because I sold them to buy my second doll (and now my birthday money/student loan is funding the third who I'm currently waiting for .... c'mon LUTS you can do it! send me my boy!! :sumomo: lol ) I have to say that its TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!! In my case for eight or nine years now I've had this idea I was working on for an RPG Video Game and now I'm starting to gradually collect the characters which I designed for it as bjds, so these dolls mean an awful lot to me because they embody characters that are very dear to me so I think it depends partially on how much the character of the bjd means to you, it also depends if you are going to really enjoy playing with your bjd or if its just for decoration too I guess cause some people get to embarrassed to take them out or tel their friends about them whereas I'm like a proud (and slightly nutty) parent who carts mine off to meets and is constantly poor cause I'm always buying them stuff, which is also another big issue, cost, if you buy one bjd it will probably be more then likely that you'll carry on buying more cause they're rather addictive, but anyway in my opinion as a complete bjd newbie but someone who grew up with barbies, and then sold her pullip collection to fund the bjd addiction I would say that bjds are 100% better then any other dolls I've ever had but its really a decision only you can make...
    16. I am seriously considering selling my Taeyang Hash to raise funds for my new DOT boy body!! Ive also sold some little apple dolls on ebay and to people at work who love them ^_^
    17. I joke with friends that I'm "going backwards"... I was never really interested in dolls before BJD. The customization aspect of the hobby was the factor that drew me in. But now that I have BJDs and discovered that I do enjoy dolls in general, I find myself looking to expand to include other types like Barbie and Pullips. :sweat

      That being said, it would definitely be an expansion instead of a conversion. I don't think I could "trade in" my BJDs.
    18. Oh, yes, I have definitely given up my other non-BJD collections. I have about 350 vinyl dolls from American Girl, Tonner, Life of Faith, Carpatina, etc. and from 8" all the way up to 22". I do still collect Ellowyne, but that is the only vinyl we collect anymore. I haven't sold any of them yet, but I will try to when I get a chance. They are all just sitting in boxes so they really need to go to make room for others. There are some that are special and I would never sell, but the others need to go to someone who will enjoy them.
    19. I've sold several dolls to help buy bjd's including my Pippa dolls and clothes (what is it about Pippa?!). But I don't regret any EXCEPT my Pippa and would love to get her and her friend (who I called Angela) back. I even tried to contact the ebay'er who bought her but her account was closed :( So if you're out there, and bought two Pippa dolls including Angela with short dark hair, please contact me!!!!!!!

      Now I have one Himstedt doll, worth about £300, who I could sell to buy a bjd, but I think I would regret that, so until a BJD demands I bring him/her home, my Himmie remains with me. Apart from her, I'm almost out of dolls to sell, so I will have to learn to enjoy the bjd's I have rather than constantly looking for the next one....
    20. Well sad to say sold all my 9 Himstedt dolls to help fund my obsession, with the BJD.
      Do I regreat it ? sometimes,
      I do miss some of them, Liri, and I had boy warrior that I miss , but they did help fund alot, although most of it I dont have any more.