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Giving your doll a story.

Feb 13, 2010

    1. Do all of you give each of your dolls a background and story? And do you feel it a neccesary part of the doll collecting experience? As a newbie, I am interested. :)
    2. My initial reason for getting a doll was to illustrate an original character. And I thought, I'm so clever! Turns out, half of the folks here do the same. Ironically, my next dolly aspiration has little to do with my story, but is, basically, a doll for doll's sake. So there, I swing both ways, apparently... :lol:
    3. My doll's characters apparently have stories, but I don't own the books, so i don't know what they are. I don't really feel comfortable giving them stories of their own; also in part because I don't know where I'd start. While I think it's really cool to have a story for your doll, I find it hard to get one started.
    4. I have this same problem. :doh I'd love for my dolls to have a story, but I am just too uncreative to think one up. *_*
    5. I am looking to get a doll to illustrate an original character as well :D Since I come from a cosplay background, I love creating costumes of characters I know and love--now I want to do something totally original for a character that I've been writing about for years! It'll be great to see her come to life :)
    6. I have a lot of characters from my stories that I write out of pure enjoyment, but I find it hard looking around for a sculpt/etc. I like to match my character....
      So I've decided to get whatever doll I do like and make up stories for them as I go along... and really for me it's not so hard. Once I have the doll in my possession I can make up a whole bunch of stuff for it... or maybe that's just because I love making things up... but it's fun, to give your doll a personality and story!! :fangirl:
    7. Having the dolls around has inspired me to write about their stories.
    8. I'm not really good at stories. I make up characters sometimes just to draw them, but I never really give them detailed stories, (sometimes loose backgrounds, but not much else) so I don't think I'll be doing the same with my dolls. (I'm sort of new too.)
      Anyway my first girl is already developing a bit of a story by herself. Dolls are different from drawings in that way because they exist in the 3D world so stuff can really happen to them. (traveling, injuries, encounters, etc... for example there's really a nasty accidental injury under her eyepatch that I haven't fixed yet.) :3
    9. Oh yeah, I like writing backstories for my dolls. They have a tendency to inspire me so I write. However I don't think its a needed thing. If one has a doll with no backstory, thats perfectly fine too. :)
    10. They're more fun with a backstory.
    11. Instead of creating a back story and character and then buying a doll to match I usually do the opposite. I buy the doll and then alter my character to more match the doll. A lot of people write so keeping a doll/character consistent is very important, but since I don't really write anything I just sorta go what I like at the moment :sweat

      I also think it's totally fine if someone doesn't give their doll a back story. It's certainly not necessary to enjoy the doll :) There are days when my dolls are just dolls, nothing else to it :lol:
    12. The girl I am getting of for a premade character whose story even the abridged version is 10 pages long vs 30. Mind you I have been playing her through many incarnations for over a decade. Shes my favorite character with a deep engrossing history and fun supporting characters who I eventually plan to making into a full length novel
    13. I'm always creating character concepts myself c:
      And everyone of the characters has a back story , so it's not hard to come up with one.
      I don't write it though; I draw it like a graphics novel. I have crappy grammar and fail at writing , so i use images and colour combinations to tell my doll's stories c:
      All the dolls I want or am getting so far I some sort of history and back story.
    14. For me, giving the doll a backstory is a bonding tool more than anything. If they don't have a story, I find I don't interact with them as well. It's one thing to have just a character that says and does one thing or another. But if you understand their fictional background, it creates reason for them to make these choices and thus more realistic to me -shrug-
    15. All my dolls have a backgroud story.. because well, without background there isn't gonna be a doll, because they're all characters I do RP with and write stories about
    16. My doll was an original character long before I got the actual doll of him, so he has a lot of backstory including an entire fictional world with multiple distinct nations, each with their own culture and history. That's probably overkill since most of it has little impact on Maya as a doll, but I think it's often important to have at least a little bit of history to your doll's character to create more sentimental value to them. I'm sure there are people who get on just fine without, but I couldn't see myself not doing it.
    17. Sometimes I wish it wasn't necessary, since it would be much easier to dress everyone, but it is for me. Dolls with no story don't last long in my crew.

      Mind, it helps keep the collection from spiralling too out of control.
    18. I always had lots of characters growing up and write a lot of fiction, but I have no desire to make any of my characters into dolls. Or dolls into characters. My dolls are dolls and my characters are characters, and never the twain shall meet.
    19. I don't think it's at all necessary. A lot of collectors do it, though not all of them, and that's perfectly fine since not everyone sees or relates to their dolls in the same way and not everyone buys them for the same purpose. I give mine a name, at the very least. Some of them have backgrounds and stories and some really don't, it depends on the individual doll/character. My obitsu boy, for example, I can tell you things such as: his name, birthdate, where he came from, his race, the name of the girl he got his first kiss from, his favourite colour, food and song and exactly why he's named what he is. Then I have my newest boy, who doesn't even have a name yet, or my Billie Winterberry, who has a name and a very,very basic personality but nothing beyond that. All of my dolls will eventually have some kind of story, though. I can't seem to get one without that happening. I find that having them be someone is far more interesting than having them just be nameless dolls sitting on my shelves.
    20. Most of my dolls have a backstory, but I'm a writer so I love to create characters and make up histories and stuff for them. Oddly, I have yet to buy dolls for any of the characters I've already created in my novels, although I'd love to buy one for my character the Shadow King. I have yet to find a proper sculpt for him, though. He needs to be realistic but fantasty at the same time. It's surprisingly difficult to find those two elements combined.