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Glamor Model Doll Deep Blue Ripley [LE10]

Dec 3, 2008

    1. I didn't see a choice for face-up and body blushing. Does this mean it is part of the package? Does anyone know? Do they sand the join marks too?
    2. :drool nice outfit.

      I think it is included <as for $898 it should be ^_= >, but the best whey is to ask Dollmore.
    3. Yes, the outfit is included along with wig and boots.
    4. I ordered a fullset from Dollmore (admited 3 years ago) and they did not sand the seamlines. In the pictures though it does look like he has been sanded so you might just wana ask Dollmore themselves.
    5. On most of Dollmore dolls Sanding is to be asked for, I believe. They are pretty good at answering questions put to them and helpful-especially if you are a member are they great to work with. Some of their new dolls are really nice.
    6. i've received my ripley and i must say he is quite beautiful, the outfit is great and so is the make up. i especially love his big hands and feet, they're bigger than any other doll own vega last song included.
      dollmore was very nice and give me a lot of gifts too.
      by the way the make up was included as was the blushing, sanding was not an option but i must say i don't really notice parting lines very much on his body
      if anyone's curious i can post a few pics
    7. O____o why posts get cacelled on this thread? is it wrong to write here?
    8. No chatting/squeeing in News threads, please. Only relevant questions and answers.
    9. Does his wig come styled like in pictures or just a flat long wig?