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Glamour Model Doll - Kasi Dan

Sep 3, 2010

    1. This is my first actual thread. I HOPE that I'm doing this right! D:

      I was just wondering if anyone had this doll. I doubt it, because it seems to be a most uncommon purchase.


      He's a 75CM SD with realistic body features.

      I can't seem to find pictures of this doll anywhere, or anyone who specifically owns him. This is the doll I want most. I really need help with this.
      Before I make this purchase (which I intend on doing right before Christmas), I'd like to know if anyone who has bought this doll or has seen it in real life has any good or negative feedback on it.

      Personally, I like the body quite well, and in the photos, I think his face is gorgeous.

      I plan on getting a faceup like Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

      Even if you haven't seen it in real life, or even if you don't own it, I'd appreciate a feedback of opinion, just to see what I have to think about.

      Thanks LOTS.

      ...GodIhopeIdidthisright. D:
    2. Wow he's a lovely doll. 75cm tall he's also a giant! O_O I am looking forward to seeing if anyone responds here with owner pictures :) (I think this might go in the picture request subforum!)
    3. Ah, thanks for that tip. I guess I didn't do TOO terrible for my first post. xP
      Yeah, he's very gorgeous. The only thing I'm afraid of is his skin being too pasty, but it looks like that's just the lighting they use on some of the last few pictures.
      I love bigger dolls. I just love how lifelike they can be~.
      Thanks for the response. I'm glad you like him too. x3
    4. I intend on getting both the Kasi Dan and Masterful Kasi Dan heads eventually.

      You are right though he is not super popular, if you want more info on the body though try searching for the Nayuta Kenzo mould as that one seems pretty popular compared to the other moulds
    5. I don't have that one, but I do have one of the Dollpire glamour model males. The body is, in a word, BIG. His feet are enormous enough that I have yet to find shoes that fit him, though thankfully Dollmore has a good variety of clothing for their dolls in this size. Other than the feet-of-stompy-doom problem, I love the body sculpt. It's a wonderful one.
    6. Thanks alot for the responses. I haven't bothered looking because I just figured I wouldn't get help with that. ._.
      I'm hoping someone else who sees this thread can help me out. I dunno.
      I nearly wonder if ANYONE has bought this doll. Jesus.
    7. Hello, everyone =) Perhaps, I'm late a bit, but if you are still interested in Kasi Dan home photos, here they are =)








      His name is Hiroshi, lives between Russia and Belorussia =)
    8. Does anyone have the Masterful Kasi Dan? Would love to see one! :)
    9. i have the Masterful Kasi Dan :3 i really loooove this mold! :D he's so dissaproving.

      i don't have many shots of him up though as i'm still waiting on his proper wig :/

      also a note. their not 75cm! thier 72cm... i was deeply disappointed by this when i revived my fella :( as i was hoping for him to be all tall and towering!