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Glass vs. Acrylic Eyes?

Jan 26, 2006

    1. Ok, I'm SURE this has been posted before. Please forgive me (hopeless newbie) Here goes:

      I was thinking about getting a few pairs of eyes for my SD, and I was just wondering if anyone has a preference to the material. Which do you all think is better? Glass or acrylic? :)
    2. Glass all the way. I'm so glad I got eyes before my Kun arrived. First thing I did was rip off the headcap and start digging away at the hot glue (damn hot glue).
      I don't know if the default acrylics Volks use are especially bad but to me they don't even compare to glass.
    3. glass is better but acrylic has more colors
    4. There will always be two sides to this question. Alot of people swear by glass and urethane eyes while others only use acrylic or slicone. I personally prefer acrlic and silicone. The reason is that glass eyes always seem so fake to me. Acrylic eyes have little lines and flecks like a real eye does. I find them much more realistic. I have Souldoll acrylics now and they are IMO the best eye. The eyes actually seem to "follow" you. I also have a few silicone eyes and they are nice as well. None of my boys have glass eyes and I have yet to ever see a pair I even liked. The Ethereal Angels urethane eyes are the closest thing to glass eyes that i think look good.
      But as I said no two people agree on this topic and I would highly recommend (if possible) seeing the eye differences for yourself. Seeing them in person and deciding what YOU prefer is best. ^_^
    5. Personally, I like glass. All the time, all the way. Zoukeimura and Antique Rose are my favorites for depth, color, and clarity. They're also, unfortunately, the most expensive and not always easy to find. While cheaper glass eyes often lack the depth and color range that the more expensive brands do, I still greatly prefer them over acrylic or silicone.

      For other discussions on eyes:

    6. Glass. It reflects the light a whole lot better. I have acrylics in one of my guys and they drive me crazy. Acrylics seem to grab the light funny and sometimes it looks like one of my guy's eyes is a cat eye. Oo

      Acrylic will last you though until you (a) find the right color (sometimes really hard) (b) can afford glass. XD
    7. 100% agreement here. If you want to check the meet-ups forum, there are constantly meet-ups going on everywhere and most people are more than happy to have more people come, dolly owners or not, as long as they enjoy dolls! You might even ask people to bring extra eyes ^^
    8. I have both types and like both, but my very favorites are the "soft glass" Masterpiece eyes. They always look good. :-)
    9. I'm not trying to be a jerk since I have (and like) both acrylics and glass. But glass eyes do have lines in them. Even the $12 cheapo glass eyes I got have lines in them. The $20 ones I got that are really nice have (light but there) lines. And the Zoukeimura eyes that came with my FCS boys both have lines in them.

      But in all fairness, there is a wider range of colors for acrylics, and they are somewhat more affordable. I think that Souldoll eyes are the best of both worlds because they have the depth of glass eyes, but the color range of acrylic. If I couldn't find glass eyes in a color I like (or a price I am willing to pay) I would go to Souldoll for certain.
    10. I don't think one is better than the other, it really depends on what look you're going for. Quality varies for both glass and acrylic; I would take high quality acrylics over cheap glass anyday.

      For acrylic eyes, I like Volks metallic and especially Schwarzaugen eyes.

      The glass eyes I like are usually by independant Japanese artists and not widely available overseas.

      Enchanted Doll eyes are also really beautiful, photograph well and come in a variety of colours, but are a little expensive.

      If I were just starting out, I'd buy a few pairs of good acrylic eyes to test colours & sizes. Then I'd buy one pair of high quality glass eyes in whichever colour looked best. You can always sell any eyes that don't work out.

      Edit: Some glass eyes have lines and some don't. Some acrylic eyes have lines and some don't. I do agree that if you want realistic lines, the threading in glass doesn't look quite as real as acrylic eyes. It's still very pretty though. ^-^
    11. I preffer glass ^^' I think it looks better in my pictures, but I've seen many dolls looking beautiful with acrylic eyes.
    12. Glass and/or urethane all the way. Period. End of story.

      Acrylics do not EXIST in this household. XD;;; The 'worst' eyes that ever get used are Tallina's/Generic Korean Company glass.

      The only acrylics I've ever used/see that I really thought looked any good in pictures or real life was amusingly the cheapest fricking option in existance, Artistique. But I've never really seen a pair of acrylics with any real kind of pupil depth, and it bugs the hell out of me. I won't use them except in the direst of dire circumstances.

      Silicone looks OK, but the pair of Masterpiece eyes I had was... Bad? Oftentimes one of the pupils in a photo would completely lack any kind of light reflection and it just looked 'dead'... And then the black for the pupils bled into the iris, ruining them. So I've really been put off of them by that. ^_^;;;

      I like glass more than urethane, but urethane comes in a much larger colour selection. Zouks are definitely the best of the kinds I've tried, though if you don't mind the odd sizing and swirly threading, Hands's glass eyes in the 400 and 300 series are excellent quality and come in a good range of gorgeous colours(I've had Extra Dark Brown, Violet and Emerald Green. The violet is actually a nice dark purple! None of this vaguely purplish blue stuff). Tallina's/Korean BJD company and HG are honestly about tied for quality as far as I can tell and look much the same in the colours they share, but HG comes in more colours, including some fairly unusual ones like two variations of red.

      I love the Ethereal Angels Eye Candies I've had. I've got a pair of Enchanted Doll urethane eyes on order, so we'll see how that goes.

      But yeah. Order of favourites is Zouks > Eye Candies > Hands > HG > Tallina's > Silicone > Acrylic.
    13. *giggling*

      I think it depends on what you're after :) there are lots of lovely glass eyes, and lots of lovely acrylics... my suggestion would be if you're deciding what your kids get to wear, try them with different types, colours and sizes until you find something that just goes BING I'M IT!
    14. I have more fun with acrylic because you can get it in different colors and mixes of colors, but on that note, probably silicone and urethane are better, just more expensive.
    15. I've never used glass eyes. I really like my urethane eye candies, and my silicone SOOM eyes. I have one pair of Volks metallic acrylics that I actually don't like all that much. :\ They're a pretty color, but once I get Rylen's 'default' eyes, the acrylics will be put away only for occasional use when I feel like having purple eyes for a picture.
    16. I like both...I love glass eyes for their depth and clarity. I also like the low price of acrylics...I bought several of the Artistiqie and Masterpeices polymer though to see what colors actually good in my girls, and then I'll try to buy those colors in glass.

      If you know what colors are good and you can afford good eyes, then I'd go that way. If you're still experimenting or like to change often...acrylics are fun.
    17. My main problem with glass eyes is that I can never seem to find realistic greens, or green/hazel mixes. All of the glass green eye that I've seen are either bright! apple or lime green, or a teal-like green gray, so I prefer acrylic Artistique eyes.
    18. Hibari: Huh, funny, I had trouble finding bright lime green eyes until I found Apple Green Eye Candies. Have you tried Tallina's/HG actual green and not green grey? If you're looking for a darker shade, there's also Hands glass Emerald Green on the cheaper side, and of course #9 Zouks on the fricking expensive side... ^^;
    19. Silicone! /o/
    20. If that is the case then my bad!! *^_^* I have had glass eyes from Dollmore and Luts in green, black, and blue, And none appeared to me to have any lines or detail. All I saw was a ring of translucent color around the pupil. Maybe it was just really faint.
      I do love Souldoll eyes however. That is what my El has and I plan to order more. ^_^