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glasses for DoT boy?

Sep 13, 2006

    1. okaay~ so i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this...but well... :sweat

      i'm looking for glasses that would fit DOT Sha... and Leekeworld seems to have the widest variety of doll glasses....but which one would fit? the SD13s? or the SDs? (i have honestly no idea what the differece is because i have no knowledge about the differenves between SD13s or SDs...)

      i have my eye on this one: LG-002-2-B.G(Gloss)-SD13
      but as i said, i don't want to spend money on something that would end up not fitting :(

      any advice on this would be greatly apprecited~~ thanks~~ :)

    2. small bump... ^^;
    3. I bought a pair of Leeke glasses for my Sha. I have a couple pics here:


      These are the ones with Gloss (though I had wanted non-gloss) but I still like em :) they were for the SD I think but I don't think there's much difference
    4. ooh~ thanks very much rilly! x3
      btw, this is neko from the pinkystreet forums. xD (i've been wondering if you got my pms over there... ^^; )

    5. Morning all,
      I just wondered if anyone had ever purchased glasses from leekworld? They look amazing and are the best i have seen, I love meganekko and want a pair for my Tender shall when she comes but i can't be sure that the SD or SD13 ones will fit her, does anyone know?
    6. I have. My DoT Sha wears his. I think I bought the wrong size though the SD13 ones rather than the SD ones. They fit ok but I'd love for them to be a touch narrower which I believe the SD ones are XD

      Here's a pic of him in glasses :) (old pics but I dunno what I did with his glasses at the moment. lost in the move somewhere...in a box)

    7. Great thank you! Are boy heads any larger than female? i know they use the samr wig size, i just wondered about due tou facial features.
      Anyway thanks for the pics!
    8. I don't know if this will help but I bought the SD ones and they were too narrow on my Elfdoll Ryung. They weren't so awful across her face but the lenses were too close together for her.

      She has an 8 1/2 head for what it's worth.

      They fit Hound perfectly.