Gloomy Dolls

Jan 4, 2020

    1. I want to open a discussion about the new private artist Gloomy Dolls. Has anyone else ordered the first released doll sculpt Eris?

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    2. I've pre ordered the Latte Eris, I'm really excited about her but nervous at the same time as she'll be my first doll since rejoining the hobby.
    3. @DaisyDayes that is great i can't wait to see yours! My Eris came in last week and she is stunning. I can't wait to get her a faceup

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    4. She's stunning ❤ I watched your box opening on youtube :) I really enjoyed it I look forward to seeing more photos of your Eris, mine won't be shipping until around the 21st I asked if she could holder a little long because import fees haha, I didn't want to risk them returning her before I could pay :)
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    6. The mod team has discussed and Erin is on topic. The thread is open again!
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    7. My girl shipped yesterday! :D I can't believe how fast the she's moving.
    8. @DaisyDolly congratulations! That is awesome! Post pictures when she arrives. Have you thought of her name yet?
    9. @KiwiNinamori I will do :) I'm so excited, I've been stalking the tracking lol I haven't decided yet, I want to get a better feel for her, but currently I'm thinking Dely, short for Delyth which a Welsh name meaning pretty and blessed :) but I'm not sure if it will suit her, how's your new girl settling in?
    10. She arrived today, but her box was pretty badly beat up it looks like someone did on purpose as the ribbons on her cushions have been cut/torn she had a chip to her face up on her nose which I'm gutted about because I adore her face up. But considering that state of her box I'm glad it wasn't a lot worse!

      I'm going to contact UPS tomorrow I'm hoping they can help, and I've sent photos to Gloomy and I'm waiting for a reply, I haven't posted photos anywhere yet, I'm still processing.
    11. I have one of these lovelies in latte ^^ but just curious, are your dolls kind of...lumpy? No disrespect to the artist, I've just noticed she's not nearly as smooth as other dolls I own.
    12. Yeah I get what you mean, I personally really like the look, sort of makes her look more real, and a kind of unique look :D.

      The latte skin is so beautiful, my first time owning a 'tan' doll, and I'm obsessed, I've seen in her IG stories she's sculpting another SD and I'm really excited.
    13. Oh, the new one they're working on is really cute!!
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    14. I cannot believe there are only fifteen of these girls out there. Makes me sad that there won't be another preorder- I would love more owner pictures.


      Meet Sabellen. She arrived today as part of a trade, and I'm smitten with her. She poses smoothly and is as sturdy as she looks. Very reminiscent of MerryDollRound's old Komorebi body. She's a harpy presently disguised as a human, and not too taken with the civilized world. Why they burn their meat before eating it! Disgusting!

      Eventually it will be safe to shop in public again, and I will build her wings. But for now I'm just enjoying having her. She's a stunning lady.
    15. @Loptr Awe I totally agree! I want to see more owners of this girl. Your Sabellen is adorable! I really like the character background. I look forward to seeing her wings XD I do get the vibe that the artist was inspired by Merrydollround. She has that familiar feeling

      While I'm at it I forgot to post a picture of my girl, named Sanaa after I sent her for a faceup and made her clothes.
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    16. @KiwiNinamori I will never turn down the opportunity for more Sanaa! I follow your Instagram and was lucky enough to get to watch her box opening and wardrobe progress. She's a vision. I love the old-fashioned billowy pants you give to so many of your characters- they truly set the era, along with those embroidered fabrics and beading. Sanaa looks at home in her market-esque settings.
    17. @Loptr Thank you very much! She was really fun to make clothes for. I'm eager to make her more outfits soon XD I have so many clothes planned out for her.