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Glorydoll discussion thread

Oct 9, 2011

    1. Although there is a waiting room for Glorydoll and a discussion thread for the Goth-Loli Glorydolls, there doesn't seem to be a general discussion thread and with the two new 70cm dolls, I thought one might be needed. Here's the news thread about the new boys: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?477602-Glorydoll-releases-2-new-dolls!

      I love Moue and his scowling face! Conil/Lapin is fun with the rabbit head and I wonder if Conil has a teeth part. And I'm going to say it: I just wish they would sell the heads or get someone in who can sculpt a nice body. I would love to have Moue but I don't know that I could deal with that body. The regular Glorydoll body is bad enough.

      Also, what a jump in size! The regular dolls aren't even 60cm. I wonder why they decided to go with a 70cm body.
    2. I like them both, but I've got to say, the outfits do nothing for me! With that shiny suit jacket, open-chested dress shirt and stonking great chain/medallion draped around his neck Conil's outfit reminds me of some kind of awful 70's disco wear! Moue's isn't much better. I'm surprised becuase I usually love Glorydoll's fullset outfits.

      What's wrong with the glorydoll bodies? They always looked okay to me?
    3. Apparently they don't pose well and are very limited in mobility, I'm not sure.

      I'd want to just grab the rabbit head!
    4. Sillypeach, I agree about the outfits - they gave me a chuckle! That, and the silver lips on Moue. As far as the GD bodies go, I find them awkward with limited posing. I've tried wiring my Noel to help but I think I need a bigger gauge of wire plus I need to tighten the elastic.

      Just my personal opinion, but I find the body sculpting unattractive and the ass on the 56cm boys is enormous! Finding pants can be a challenge. I thought the first version bodies were better-looking than the second version. I can live with my Noel's body since he's the limited peanut-skin color and it's not likely I'd find a good color match but some day I'd like to replace my Louis's body.

      Still, if I had the funds, I'd probably get Moue and find him a new body. Phantom certainly makes uniquely pretty boys!
    5. I agree with you lunar marsh, I also love Moue head but hate the 70cm body>.<''
      hope they'll release the heads in the future!
    6. Actually I thought these 70cm bodies seem pretty good. Although u have to admit I'm really disappointed they didn't release goth Lucy as they promised :((

      But both heads are pretty cute :33
    7. I want that bunny head! I just don't want everything else that comes with it. I do hope at some point they sell the head separately. I doubt that they will. I just love the look on the rabbit face, so evil and yet, cute as a button!
    8. I am new to this but i must say that I love the heads, they are so wonderfully dramatic looking. I just wish the bodies were done differently, they seem very stiff.
    9. If anyone is interested, more photos were added showing the 70cm body in different poses. It does seem to pose better than the regular 56cm body but if had been me, I would have left out that last pose! Very awkward plus it shows the feet haven't improved much.
    10. Wrong thread, ignore me xDD
    11. Its such a shame, glorydoll have the most wonderful faces, but that body! I swear it would have to be the ugliest boy body I have ever seen!!! strange muscle groups and weird veins and somehow out of proportion.
    12. I'm only disappointed that the new Goth Loli dolls have only one head as compared to two for 4th edition Louis and 3rd edition Miyuki. I thought that would be something they'd be doing for the rest of the series now and it would certainly have made the price much more worth it, but I guess not... :(
    13. Unless I'm mistaking the meaning here, I believe they DO have 2 heads.

      Included :
      -Goth-Loli Karl head and boy body with healthy skin
      -Karl basic head with healthy skin

      Surely this means you're getting the Goth-Loli head AND the basic head?
    14. Wait, what? Am I going crazy? I've been stalking their page like crazy and I saw the new Goth-Loli dolls days before the news thread was put up and definitely there was no mention of the basic head then! o.o I even re-read a few times to make sure I didn't miss it anywhere, and now that I check again, it's there?

      While that's great, I wonder if I'm the one going insane or it was somehow overlooked and then put up on the page... @.@
    15. My guess would be that someone forgot to put it up and added it later! *laughs*

      When they do these extra basic heads, what are the faceups like?
      Is it the same as the goth head just without the stitching or, more basic?
      There's no photos of the basic heads on the sales pages so I have no idea what to expect!
    16. You can check out some examples on 4th edition Louis and 3rd edition Miyuki's page, the faceups are in a more basic style, quite lovely ^^

      Yeah... thanks Glorydoll for making me look like a nutter xD
    17. I haven't been checking the GloryDoll site lately and I was honestly surprised to see that Rabbit Conil is sold out but Mad Hatter Moue is still available. If only that body was better! At least it would be easy to match the head to a sweet Dollstown body in freshskin.

      I wonder if Noel will ever be available again. It'd be tempting to get him in healthy skin but I like my peanut skin boy so much I'll probably just stick with him,
    18. Well, damn! Just saw the new Goth boys. I'd love to have that zombie skin Louis! Looks like all of the extra normal heads have the same sad, crying clown face-up. :P

      And wishing for the hundredth time that Phantom would get someone to sculpt a body for her.
    19. Glorydoll Goth Lucy. Hat by Turtlechild.