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GloryDoll Goth-Loli Discussion

Jul 21, 2010

    1. hi all , I've started a disscusion thread on the newly released Goth-Loli edition .

      Personally, I'm very stuck between Miyuki & Lucy . I really like both, but can only choose 1 :...(

      which would u prefer ?
    2. I buy a Lucy! Because I wait the new version from september '09.. But I had me too your problem because Miyuki it's beautiful too!! I have only followed my wishlist. I want twins from Lucy. So for me I have choose for Lucy.
      I can only advise you to think about which character would like and buy one of them. :)
    3. Lucy is fantastic! As is Miyuki, but there's something in Lucy's expression that just grabs you.
    4. @KyubiNoKitsune : whao ! lucy twin ! I'd love to see them
      @sammybean : I really wanted a lucy because she looks so cool, but miyuki's mouth is so facinating.
    5. I'd love to get the Alice in wonderland Lucy and then the goth loli Lucy. That'd be amazing! I hadn't seen Glorydoll's dolls before these were released, but they are really beautiful.
    6. Grrrrrrr! I'm still waiting for my zombie Lucy -- if I would have known these were coming, I would have waited and ordered the goth version instead. Or Goth Miyuki is awesome too!!
    7. I have twin Lucy's (one basic and one goth Lucy) and I love them, you'll love yours too I'm sure!

      hhisprincess: you've waited so long to get a Goth Lucy and now you're doubting it? XD You could always get both ;)
    8. @ix_tab : the goth lucy's a limited ed, whereas the alice in wonderland lucy isn't ;)

      @Emerald27 : Glorydoll has a insane waitting time uhs?

      @kawaii_mon : Ya ! I've waited so long giving up now isnt an option. But miyuki is so amazing too that i cann't decide. If only buying 2 was within my means. :( *stares at my poor wallet*
    9. I like Mitsuki
      but the goth version is too much for me............
      I will be happy if he/she has a scar on the eye, but the scar is around the mouth.....
      I love everything but not the position of the scar......
      maybe I should wait for next version of Mitsuki, but that will take a long time......
    10. These loli/goth dolls are seriously creepy! I like the Goth Lucy 3rd version with her vertically sewn-up eye, but those with ripped mouths and Karin with her horizontally-stitched eye really freaks me out!
    11. I always loved the goth lucy's, and it is seriously heartbreaking having one of your dream dolls right in front of you and you're unable to get her xD
      I could technically afford her, but that would mean using all my birthday money.. and she could be sold out before my paypal goes through.
      Is anyone experienced with how fast these editions usually sell out?
    12. If can help you, I "buy" my Lucy at 19.07, but I have not paied at the moment.. I pay with bank wire. I don't know about paypal, but I think that if you explained the situation, they can wait that you charge paypal account. You can pay with layaway too, You can pay in 3 months: http://www.glorydoll.com/board/view...ARD16&choose2=&choose1=&pagenow=2&CB=&ID=1538 I hope that I can help you. :) Sorry for my english..
    13. I didn't even think of layway! :doh
      Thank you so much though, I'd forgotten about that. Now to make a decision lol.
    14. Usually I don't feel much on Karl & Karin but this half eye + scar version has impressed me...:aheartbea
      I can't get them out of my mind now. :doh
    15. i guess to some people these dolls are really cool however to others they're really freaked out x) personally, i find them fascinating ! :)

      @Rivon, I'm ordering mine on layway too :) If my finance allow, I'll get both miyuki & lucy ! but .. I doubt tt'll ever happen . Gotta wait for glorydoll to release lucy agn (><)
    16. i missed out on all the original sales of the Goth Lucy's.... and regretted it so much, and even missed a few times in the MP.... until i finally got my fullset Goth Lucy the 4th Edition..... from the MP.... it was a sort of second chance, as the person who originally got her from the MP sale, couldn't keep her... that i got a second chance to get her..... she is gorgeous.... haunting, and creepy.... a great combo!

      that being said.... i did not hesitate to order one of the new Goth Loli's, the Goth Miyuki-The 1st edit doll.....i will not regret owning this 1st edition doll, and having it in my collection.
    17. Goth Lucy how are you so beautiful! xD

      I've got some hard doll making decisions in my future, I see, because between Lucy, and the new Soom Idealian, and god only knows what the new Soom MD will be, the universe is conspiring for me to be ultra poor. xD
    18. @ MissAlly u're getting the goth miyuki ? awsome ! i'm still trying to decide btw miyuki & lucy :(

      @ ix_tab haha dolls drives our pocket nuts
    19. Ok I decided I'm going to pay for her in full, but I still have to wait for money from my paypal, does anyone know how long I can wait before paying?
    20. I don't know... But If you tell the situation to Glorydoll into Q&A after order her, I think that isn't problem. You tell at Glorydoll that you must recharge the card for paypal. I think isn't a problem..