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Glorydoll Hoshino Miyuki - Kunoichi & Geisha & standard versions

Aug 5, 2009

    1. New dolls;
      Hoshino Miyuki-The 2nd edition(Japan)-Kunoichi

      Great cranial mask!!

      Hoshino Miyuki-The 2nd edition(Japan)-Geisya
    2. Looove this new Miyuki, but i dont like her body or outfits at all D;

      do you think they'll make a basic version of her? i
      hope so, just loove her face!
    3. Glorydoll are pretty open with their plans (I've asked in the past when they were planning on releasing another Goth Lucy and they've told me), so if you asked on their Q&A, they'd probably tell you if they were planning to make her basic or not.

      I love her face too! I dont' know why they've gone for the jointless body, I hope they don't discontinue the old body, I much prefer that one.
    4. Her jointless torso is too far arched in my opinion, but wow what a face! :D She's beautiful.
    5. :?Anyone know why you can't add the doll to the shopping cart for a total?? I keep getting a error on it?
    6. I asked that question on the Q&A board. I'll post their answer when it comes and hopefully it'll be sorted out. :)
    7. Gah! I love the boy version, Mitsuki! This TOTALLY puts a rench in my dolly plans. I thought I was safe too :( I haven't liked a boy this much in a while. He's perfect for one of my characters, even more than the mold I had originally picked for him (and who is currently being shipped). *shakes fist @ glorydoll*
    8. I love this face sculpt, it's so unusual--what a wonderful face to paint! I just wish their girl body was more feminine in the hips.
    9. Derilan85: The shopping cart stuff is sorted out now.

      She is so lovely!
    10. masala_chai_tea- Thanks, I really was wondering if I got her or the guy on the shipping cost to my home. This ruins my plan on another doll I was planning on buying.
    11. I asked Glorydoll today about the renewal body with joints and this is what they had to say:
      Now due to language barriers I'm not sure if that means they just aren't doing the bodies with joints anymore or that they are just out of stock and aren't going to restock for a while. Either way it disappoints me a bit, as the head I want isn't sold separately and I liked the fact that the Glorydoll boys are shorter. >:l
    12. I had to get her! XD I just ordered her head though. I was iffy about the body and I might either get her a Dollmore Model F body or a Supia body depending on the resin match.
    13. You might find the head might be too small for the model body. I know that Dollstown bodies are a popular match for glorydoll girls.

      Rebel Viva: I think they're trying to say that they're not restocking that body anymore, but there are a few of the original jointed bodies left in stock which they are selling at a discount. It's a real shame, with the exception of the hands (which need modifications to get them to do much), the renewal body is rather nice.
    14. Thanks for the advice! :bcupcake I wanted a more lithesome body than the Dollstown ones (as pretty as they are).

      I'll have to see how the head looks in person. :) The measurements on the website say that her head is larger than most of the Model F ladies, but her neck opening would be bigger than the Model F. I wouldn't want her to be flopping around. The Supia body has a larger neck as well as broader shoulders that might work well with her. I'll see how the resin match is.
    15. Now that they have a basic I don't care for the face as much. I really like the faceup on the one off. I will have to wait for owner pictures to see if I still like this girl. I loved the limited versions. Please post owner pictures those that ordered the basic version.
    16. I will definitely post pics as soon as she is here with and without faceup.
    17. Here is a picture of Miyuki without a faceup. I'll be doing her faceup today.

    18. masala_chai_tea Congratulation!!
      Did you find a matching body?
      The mold looks beautyful even without the faceup!!