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Glorydoll Louis & Lucy "renewal" + new faceup options

Feb 7, 2008

    1. www.glorydoll.com

      (Don't know how new this news is, but it's not been mentioned before in the news board.)

      I am not sure if Glorydoll simply restocked, or if the "renewal" versions are actually different from the original Louis & Lucy.

      Anyway, there are new photos of "renewal" Louis and "renewal" Lucy in Basic Glorydoll, which I think (I hope!) are still the same mold in different makeup. If someone here knows Korean, perhaps they could inquire what exactly is changed about the "renewal" version, as it is stocked alongside the original Louis and Lucy rather than replacing them. Resin change perhaps?

      Glorydoll also now has different styles of makeup that you can choose from, and the bodies are sold separately in Option Parts (with much more informative photographs than before).
    2. From what I can see the bodies are "renewed", a lot of detailing has been added and some changes made by comparison with the old bodies (like giving Louis nipples!^^)

      The face mold seems to be the same as far as I can see, though.
      And they do not offer the old default face up style anymore^^
    3. It may just be the faceups, but the face molds seem a bit different. The "renewal" Lucy's eyes appear to be more closed, and her lips partly open. Personally I don't find her nearly as attractive as the original version. Of course! Because it's sold out...as are most of the clothing pieces.
    4. I think that is the effect of the higher brows + larger eyes on renewal Lucy, but again I can't be sure. If nobody asks in the next few days I'll sign up and post the question (I'd rather not sign up for just one thing, as I always end up forgetting the password to accounts that I don't often use :sweat). I recall that the Louis/Lucy mold always had open lips, though.
    5. It seems that 3 new Skin tones will be available soon:


    6. I've asked Glorydoll about the face sculpt. They said it's the same as the old one except the new face-up and new body type.