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Glorydoll Lucy/Louis & Karin/Karl discussion

Sep 10, 2007

    1. Link to Glorydoll site.

      Apparently Phantomdoll does the faceups for these guys... I love the faces so much, the profile (shades of Bernini)!! >swoon<

      Discuss! XD

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucy!!!!!!!!

      Please someone figure out how/where to get her.

      (and unlike some of the recent new dolls posted, she truly looks original)
    3. They're beautiful. Louis's faceup in the one-off for September is gorgeous. It really downplays the lips being so far parted, which is the only thing I didn't like about the mold.
      That boy body is just yummy, but the girl body seems a bit thick probably due to the lack of hips and the waist seems oddly proportioned with the smaller chest.
      Is it just me or do their eyes kind of look like an elongated version of F-26's?
      Love that eyeshape <3
    4. Wow, they're so pretty! they look a lot more like the artist BJDs than any other brand I've seen, which I think is wonderful. *And* they make their own (beautiful) bodies so no hunting around for the perfect size and color match.
      Do you think that only the oneoffs get phantomdoll faceups, or do the standards as well? the stock photos look like Phantomdoll style, but they might have someone else paint the ones they send out.
      I can't wait to see owner photos!
    5. So I'm going to have to guess that those are Phantomdoll eyes too, huh?
    6. The boy at least looks like he has the same body as Phantomdolls do too. :< Considering that there's serious speculation about the originality of those bodies I'm a bit dissapointed.
    7. www.glorydoll.com :sweat
    8. thanks Manic. Yesterday the site was down. I just checked and it's back up.

      jerrysugarav: are you saying that Glorydolls (claiming to have an original sculpt) is copying Pahantomdolls (claiming to be an original sculpt) that was alleged to be a copy of Happydoll? arrrrrrrgggggggg.
      Is anyone sure there is not a legit connection between the sculptors for these 3 companies? the phantomdolls thread seemed unresolved? To me the Happydoll and Phantomdoll sculpts are a lot different in the exterior detail but maybe derived from the same original master. Is it possible the same actual sculptor made all these bodies? (that was never resolved as far as I could tell)
    9. It's definitely not exactly the same, but may have been resculpted from it. The body's detailing is much nicer than both of the others IMO, but the hip bones are pretty dead on to Phantomdoll's :/ If that's the case It is pretty disappointing since I think this body is nicer than both of those. :/
      It's enough "speculation" >_< to make anyone intent on ordering a bit uneasy methinks.
      The heads though, the heads! ::flails about:: Likesthem<3
    10. I love Lucy, her face is a dream! Not so keen over the body, so I think I might take the risk and try to create a hybrid when/if funds permit :3

    11. No I'm saying this is probably a colab with Phantomdoll sinc eshe's doing face-ups and eyes. But I think the Phantomdoll body is a knock off. Angelregion never got back to anybody on weather they were having a collab with Phantomdoll so who knows. I know I'm not buying bodies from either PD or GD until Angelregion gives the all clear. I do really love the heads though.

      This is JerrySugarAV - I was at a friends house and didn't realise she was logged in. >.>
    12. I have an AngelRegion SD boy body(and have had an SD AR girl body before) and this Glorydoll body looks similar to me, but not exact, like it was re sculpted(mostly the knees look similar on the boy, as well as the thick waist on the girl looks close to an AR girl body.

      Also, this may be a coincidence connection but AngelRegion has their own limited line of Glory Angel dolls? (again, may have nothing to do with anything) So it's possible it's a collaboration.

      The heads look so nice though x3

    13. well I'm hoping it's a collaboration of some sort. Seems like every doll I've lookd at and liked lately has turned out to be a copy. Keeping fingers crossed on this one.
    14. I wouldn't worry about it too much mhdolls ;) If nothing else you can get just the head and then find a body to match!

    15. I love the head *__* Which they sell separately for $140 8D
    16. i really like the head.. i wonder wich other compnay body i can use... anyone have one?
    17. probably the most sensible solution all around especially as I am totally broke right now :)
    18. I like the unique body shapes of the female one, but IMO the shoulders joints need some improvements and the torso should be more detailed, wonder what resins she match cause the head tell me nothing.

      Glad to see thicker dolls with small breast sometimes :D
    19. These dolls are exquisite! :D :D :D And the head is so versatile - it took me a moment to believe that Louis and Lucy were in fact the same sculpt. Just...wow. They're definitely on my wish list now. *___*

      I'm no expert but I don't see enough similarities in the body sculpts to be suspicious. Neither AR nor Happydoll has, to my knowledge, initiated legal action or issued a statement against Phantomdoll/Glorydoll, and since Phantom's doing the faceups it makes sense that he/she also worked on the bodies, so to me it's innocent until proven guilty. :P
    20. Anyone know what's up with the resin (urethane) that does not harm humans? I thought all resin was harmful if inhaled.

      Did you see the leather coffin box for the Duke? I wish I had an extra thousand kicking around the bank...