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Glorydoll Releases New Dolls

Jun 5, 2010

    1. Oh boy, I adore that cat head! If only I could afford it! :sweat Any idea how long it's released for?
    2. Umm... Don't mean to put a damper but is that the PhantomDoll Siamese head? Looks exactly like it.....
    3. Hmm...the human head for Baal is listed as being 'Noel'...and PhantomDoll had a sculpt out before Siamese that looked similar, and was actually named that. This head does look more like Siamese than Noel. The original Siamese is a banned doll on here due to the body being copied, but as far as I know the originality of the heads was never in question.
      For pics of the two PhantomDoll heads:
      news thread for Noel
      news thread for Siamese
      Perhaps it is actually a sculpt by Phantom? Is she working for Glory Doll now?
    4. it does say "customized by Phantom" at the bottom.. does that mean something?
    5. I thought it was we;l known that Gloydoll was Phantom's new company? She's been involved from the start, I actually always thought she owned it. She defiantley does all the faceups and I think she sculpted the other dolls too.

      So yes, it's highly possible that Baal's human face is her old head on the human body. Phantom has released the Cat head before as well, or a sculpt very similar. It was called 'Leviathan'
    6. Really?
      It's nice to have those who remember this stuff?
      So will this head be banned as well, do you guys think?
    7. Only Siamese and Korat were banned. The heads were originals but the bodies were copies. Personally, I wish the ban could be lifted on the heads.
    8. Siamese and Korat were banned because they came on the copied bodies, but NoEL wasn't because he was originally released only as a head. Also IIRC NoEL, Siamese and Korat were 3 versions of the same sculpt - one without cat ears, one with cat ears, and one sleepy eyed with cat ears. That's why Baal/Noel looks like the Siamese- without the cat ears its pretty much the same head.

      Edit: If this head is a new version of Phantom's Noel or even Siamese I don't imagine it'll be banned. The problem with the catboys was even if the owner said they had replaced the copied body with a new one there was no way of proving it so they blanket banned them to be sure. There was never any doubt about the originality of the heads and this one comes on the Glorydoll body by default so there's no worry about copied stuff.
    9. Just a friendly reminder, while interesting, there's been a lot of chat in this News thread. Feel free to begin begin a new thread in the Size Specific Doll Discussion subforum and continue chatting there. Don't forget to show the link here so others will know where to continue speculating and chatting.
      Thank you.
    10. Does anyone know if the human Baal will be released as a basic?
    11. Here's their response about the NoEl (human Baal) head:

      Hello, dear!^^
      Thank you for your interest.
      We think basic Noel will be released about next month.
      If you have other questions, let us know, please.^^
      Have a good day!! :)