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Glorydoll releases "zombie" skin color

Jul 14, 2008

    1. OoO the Zombies are so groovy! I wonder if they are going to add Zombie skin to the basic line up, the pull down menu seemed to indicate that.
    2. I asked them several months back and they told me it wasn't going to be for a long long while.

      Tan resin will be next month...so I'm hoping I'll have a little more time to save for my Zombie Karl.
    3. I just pray the next special will be Karin and Karl, I love the Louis/Lucy head sculpt but really love the other.
    4. You and me both! I adore Karl and Karin. I think its really the same face just with SA eyes or normal expression. But Louis and Lucy always looked say IMHO. Sad dolls are not my thing usually.
    5. I really did like the color and the mold, and the clothing looked good as well. But I don't think zombies would dress like that, maybe something more gothic would look more natural...
    6. Oooooh I really like that resin.... poor poor wallet.... I think I can resist because I am not a fan of the half closed eyes, but I really like the overall look....