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Gods & Monsters Characters

Dec 29, 2019

    1. Aside from the obvious use of Lana Del Rey's song title :lol:,
      I had a question for you guys.

      Do any of you have dolls that are modded and/or sculpted to look like a God/Goddess or a Cryptid/Monster?
      If you don't but you are planning on getting/modding one, which one? Why?

      I have seen a few vampires, Frankensteins, and demons around, but not any other type of monsters/cryptids.
      The same with Gods/Goddesses, I have only seen an Egyptian themed God BJD around here and Satyrs.
      Honestly, I have been thinking it would be cool to see them.
      As for me, I think I would love eventually when I get more experience, modding a BJD to look like a Goatman, a Minotaur, my own version of Hades, or Anubis.
      The latter, I have seen, someone I follow on instagram posted a picture of their BJD Anubis, he had the normal BJD body, but he had Anubis' head.
    2. I don't have any, but @Alois Trancy has many dolls/characters that portray gods and goddesses (a few demons too). I def recommend checking out her work. Maybe the Anubis you saw was hers?
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    3. I have several deities from my novels. They look like ordinary people, though.
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    4. I have Bast as a doll, and a version of the Greek War god Ares (though it is a version from an RP I was in and so trapped in in the body of a 13 year old boy.)
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    5. I have a Marvel Thor...so technically a Norse god.
      Oh, and his little brother Loki, of course.

      And a phoenix and an ice dragon.
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    6. [QUOTE="That's really cool too,
      I saw someone had an Inari Goddess who looks like a person too (except for the ears).

      I dunno, I feel like I’m kind of boring. But they can do some cool stuff even if they don’t look like it.

      (I messed up the quote, sorry)
    7. I have no idea if he's going to be on topic or not, but someone on instagram has made a fantastic Horus bjd complete with armor and bird head (that I would be completely tempted by if he wasn't Idealian size):
      Yaoyao Dai on Instagram: “This is the full sky god state of Horus. This is the final update at this stage. I'm releasing him as promised. Horus Ver.God of the sky…”

      And maybe not technically gods, but Angell Studio has minis based on the Monkey King and the Tang Priest from Journey to the West:
      The Monkey King
      Tang Monk

      If you're looking for cryptids, Aimerai has a few (probably also off-topic) creatures based on the Jersey Devil, the Enfield Horror, the Yeti and the Michigan Dogman:
      SPECIAL & 1/12 DOLL : www.aimerai.com

      Island Doll has some tinies molded after Apollo and Artemis, and a whole range of Norse Myth-based dolls:
      1/6 - Apollo and Artemis
      Doll - Norse Myth

      Loongsoul has some dolls based on Eastern Mythology and deities, including this guy who you might want to look into if you're interested in a Minotaur - Loongsoul

      And Luts had Kid Delf fantasy limiteds based on Zeus, Hades and Posidon:
      Also centaurs and satyrs and chimera and whatnot.

      ...I might be a teeny bit obsessed with mythology... :sweat
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    8. That's so cool,
      I have never seen Bast in doll form but I bet she looks spectacular :love.
      As for Ares,
      him being trapped in another body makes it for quite a story, therefore more interesting ^^.

      Not at all,
      if anything I think them looking like ordinary people makes their story interesting :thumbup

      Oh my days!!~
      This is so on topic and I love it so much.
      Sincerely, thank you so much for all the information and the links.
      I'm new to this hobby so I'm still a bit clueless about most stuff but I absolutely found this super interesting.
      I liked them all, but I specifically loved Horus (sadly, he's way out of my budget but I shall admire him from afar :love), the cryptids which are simply adorable <3, and the dolls from loongsoul who are stunning.
      It's always nice to meet people who love mythology, and it is even more amazing to meet people who combine that love with dolls.
      Once, again, thank you, I appreciate it ^^.
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    9. Oh and I almost forgot I am debating make my Doll Zone Frimaire with his limited cat god head into a male version of my fave Goddess Sekhmet, that is once he gets here my plans are still in the air on him.
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    10. I got my SOOM Irbis to shell one of the "gods" in my main writing project, but technically the snow-leopard parts weren't necessary... (he's wearing them anyway). :lol: I really want a bright blue lady for one of my other deities.

      And Iplehouse has also been releasing some LE dolls based on Greek mythology lately, but they're mostly just conventional dolls with special outfits/armor/weapons. (Becky did have the most ridiculously cute medusa-head-snakes, though. Too bad there weren't more of them.) I had to have the Athena set. Apparently Hades is next.
      #10 Sianserais, Dec 30, 2019
      Last edited: Dec 30, 2019
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    11. 5Star Doll has a praying mantis girl. Atelier Momoni has a lady with a cat-ish head called Kitty M. I think I saw a version of Medusa somewhere a while ago...
      #11 Leo Pheonix, Dec 31, 2019
      Last edited: Dec 31, 2019
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    12. That reminds me, Angelheim did some mythology dolls as well, but they've been gone for some time.
      Someone else's photo here.
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    13. I've been thinking about modding a doll to look like Danu or The Morrigan. The Morrigan would likely be the more interesting and cryptid like of the 2 tbh. I've also been thinking of trying to find/make a Gorgon of some type too
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    14. Nice!~
      I think it would be cool to see any of them,
      specially The Morrigan or Gorgon.
      When you finish modding one it would be cool to see *o*.
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    15. Definitely! I get so excited to see the different mythological/cryptic dolls! It may take me a while to work up the courage to really commit to a big mod like that but once I finish my first doll sculpt I definitely want to try to fully go for the gorgon
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    16. I feel you~
      I get the same way too :)
      It's understandable but it will be super cool to see,
      especially for someone like me who has no artistic abilities haha.
      The gorgon will definitely not be easy but once completed it will probably be amazing.
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    17. Thank you @LilaAIP for mentioning me on this post! Also thank you @Haides for supporting my gallery! ^_^
      As an addicted to mythology and folklore, I must say I have a hard time finding right sculpts for my Gods and Goddesses. I wish the stores would explore a bit more the fantasy world and the lores we can use. What I do mostly is use props and accessories to show the nature of my characters. I'll add here the most characteristic pictures of some of them! I hope it gives you some inspiration when you create your work!

      Magnus, the Roman God of War, Mars (BluOxyde - MNM Ezra Miller):

      Winter, The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite (BlackCherry - Kaorin):

      Winter, Norse Goddess of Winter, Skadi (in my story the same character is a reincarnation of two Goddesses and I have many different sculpts for her T_T sorry for the mess) [Iplehouse - Soo]:

      Wendigo, Christian God of Hell, Lucifer (Nabarro - Wally):

      Hades, Greek God of The Underworld, Hades (duh xD) [Soom - Saiph Boy]:

      Kaius, Egyptian God of The Dead, Anubis (Soom - Ender):

      Jack, Norse God of Mischief, Loki (Blackcherry - Kaorin Boy):

      Zion, Greek God of Thunder, Zeus (Nabarro - Sumner):

      Koreline, Greek Goddess of The Underworld, Persephone (Elfdoll - Sian):

      Irina, Greek Goddess of Fear, Phobos (Blackcherry - Kaorin):

      That's all for now, if you need more reference pictures let me know or just visit my instagram page ^^
      I'm currently working on new Gods and willing to improve those I already have! I wish it wasn't so hard ;-;
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    18. I have to say that I follow you on instagram and I love your dolls!
      They're all very beautiful and unique and I love how they have their own stories and personalities.
      Thank you so much for sharing with us! :3nodding:
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    19. I have a world of gods/goddess that I'm in the middle of working on. I have Titania- Fae goddess, though much darker than the usual fairy queen. There is Supay, her lover, the Peruvian god of the underworld. I also have a few lesser demi-gods and such like for flowers, fire, water, etc. I have a whole slew of werewolves, 2 undead shamans/witches, 2 bat girl cryptid things, a chaos demon, a eunuch, a muse girl, an oracle or seer, and more.... XD
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    20. I hope that I can join this thread with a OC Goddess.

      This is Prism, the Goddess of Color. She is the Goddess of rainbows. She gives color to the universe.

      Prism, Goddess of Color 1
      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

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