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Gomi dolL Order

Sep 27, 2005

    1. Hi all,

      I did a search in DOA but I couldn't find any information on Gomi Doll. If there is any more information on them, please kindly redirect me there~

      Does any one have info on how to order from them?

      Here is the website


      Thank you~:)


      Now you can post on the website to enquiry about ordering~ :D
    2. Wow that's the first time I've seen that site I think. I hope someone has some information on them, I would love to have one of they're dolls :D
      I can't tell how much they cost though.

    3. Lookit the sleepy mini! *____* I want it..
    4. These look lovely - but everytime I click on the doll pics, my computer has a little fit....?
    5. Oh, wow. These dolls are gorgeous! I also hope that someone knows a bit more about them because I think I am in love ^^
    6. Wow, those are lovely. I hope someone has some information!
    7. Can anyone get the Korean translated? Oh, my god, I so want one of these dolls.

      How much are they? ...They look like they're around, what... $230- 400? OR am I totally off?
    8. I am really having trouble seeing the pics, the site crashes everytime I open it - would someone/anyone mind posting pics? :| :| :| :| :|

      I'm so sorry..... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
    9. Wow these are beautiful dolls *-*
      Quick - someone set up a shopping service XD
    10. Yes... More information, please. <3

      (Not plotting. Really.)
    11. Woah... Info please? XD
    12. Oooh, beautiful! I'm interested too.

      I saw that, Valentine!
    13. That's what I thought too, but I'm not sure how much they are exactly.

    14. From what I am seeing there are just heads no bodies so that the price for the heads only.
    15. [​IMG]


      I love the shape of their noses.
    16. I second that info request times like, a zillion. I'm in love *_*
    17. I'd pay EXTRA for those heads.

      I can't tell if they're SD or MSD, though... :cry:
    18. From what I can tell it looks like these two are SD size

      the open eyed boy
      and the slightly open eyed boy

      I think the rest look like they are msd size.
    19. They'd be SO perfect for my pair of twins that I'm planning to create... way down the road when I'm a billionaire. HAR.

      LOVE the one with the lighter hair.
    20. Is there a shopping service that deals with Korean dolls?
      *is floored*
      Where is my drool bucket?