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Gomidoll boy - IDUE!!!

Jun 14, 2007

    1. I've been watching out for him, because Gomidoll told me that they'd be releasing a new one sometime this week... and here he is ^_^ !



      Limited Sale

      Name : IDUE- SD type Head

      Let me introduce our brand new head from Gomidoll.
      His name is 'IDUE'
      This head compatible with "Dzdoll 70cm body".
      That's why it wouldn't be compatible except the 70cm body



      News Thread here

      The only thing is, he's only compatible with the 70cm DZ body O_o Wonder if there are any other matches for him? (is it just me, or does he remind you of a grown-up kiss? or Hara for that matter...)
    2. Oh, my bad. Mods please move to Larger Dolls >_<

      edit: Thanks ^^
    3. Lawl, I've been looking at Idue for a long time. He's quite handsome.
      But I'm still in love with Igons... xD
    4. I m curious can he use a Dollshe body , and again the resin colour match ^^
    5. Maybe it's the bumpy texture of his head but for a second there I seriously thought what a freaky looking kid. As in a real person. XD Then my common sense pointed out the bizarre porportions is, in fact, normal. "It's a bjd. Idiot."

      That face up is awesome.
    6. He's gorgeous. I love Gomidoll's work...
    7. too bad he only seems to work for the big dollzone bodies... I would have liked him to be a bit on the smaller side ^^;
    8. ... D: WHY LIMITED? WHY? *sobs* I want one... :< Ooo. It's a shame he's only for the big DZ boys though, I agree. So. Tall. o_O
    9. He's cute. I wish I could see a photo of him next to a 60cm doll, though, to see how it looks, because to me his face is very young-looking but his body is so tall. ^^;
    10. Idue is sold out already *_*
    11. I got one! :D

      I just fell in love with the face - I never in a million years planned on a 70cm boy, but it looks like now I need to find a Dollzone body... :sweat
    12. I purchased one also. Now to wait until he arrives to see how strict the "matches Dollzone 70cm" is.
    13. According to the thread on Dollzone's new 60cm boys, the DZ 70cm & 60cm bodies can switch heads. So, maybe those of you who would prefer a shorter IDUE can put him on the 60cm. ^_^
    14. okay okay *guilty look* one of them is mine as well......... >_>

      Kogepan: yeah, I was just thinking that too~ but I think he'd look pretty good tall, I just don't want such a bulky body (and those 70cm boy HANDS). He looks like a slim guy imo.
    15. I had to get him too. He's soooo perfect and pretty. He does remind me of an older version of kiss, but i was pondering on kiss anyways. I can't believe he's sold out already. Glad i bought him at the last moment XD;; His tallness is perfect to match my hugos and sa hound <3
      ->They are never releasing him again am i right? ..
    16. I'm not sure... I sent a mail to Gomidoll asking them, but I haven't received a reply yet. I was afraid I'd miss the chance altogether, and I just bought him anyway. Good thing too, seeing as he's now sold out.

      I guess if anyone knows how the Gomidoll releases usually are (like the older sculpts which are now sold out - how many were released, when did the sales close, did they release more than one batch?) we should be able to guess?
    17. oh... I got a reply


      We are gonna reproduce the IDUE(normal).
      It will take about 3weeks.
      thats why If u miss the chance this time you should wait for 3weeks.

      thank you.


      Guess I needn't have rushed it then. I technically don't have the extra finances to spend this month, but I was so worried I'd miss out on him, like Igon >.>
    18. He's beautiful, congrats to all of you who got one ( I shall lurk around and wait for photos XD)
    19. O__O; Same here! I ordered him because i was so paraniod that he wouldn't be sold again. I would've just waited another 3 weeks if they told me, paying right now REALLY hurts my wallet...oh well, it makes up for the fact that he's damn pretty.
    20. Yup. Poor wallets *_*