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Gomidoll Igon head rereleased

Jul 4, 2006

    1. me too ! im so glad its back up and igon head is for sale again !! *dances* the new site kinda confuses me, but thats how i am with all websites ;_; hehe

      i love gomidoll
    2. I love Igon... I wish I had dolly money left over so I could buy him! But alas, I am broke. I do hope I'll have him someday, though!

      I like the new site a lot better than their old one; the old one was really hard for me to navigate. ^_^;
    3. igon is LOVELY. i bought the LAST open-eyed one in that first set of revised igons. it was such a relief to finally have him. he's a wonderful, wonderful mold. extremely versatile with face-ups, expressions and camera angles. :D
    4. Sleepy Igon is so beautiful... hopefully he's not a limited! ;-;
    5. Would anyone have a guess on what eyes he's wearing in the site photos?
    6. Rats! I really wanted to get a revised-version Igon head... I guess I put it off for too long =/. On the positive side, Gomidoll is now accepting paypal, it seems.
    7. picture spammmmmmmmm! :D

      this is ebenezer, the very last of the normal resin revised igon heads with open eyes =x

      i'll update with pics of his new face-up soon! :D i'm doing it later today!

      Knees: Why are you posting my face all over the internet? >.>...I have a history with the authorities, you know...Someone might recognize me...<.<
      Juvie: =x It's not like you can RUN from the cops anyway...*coughgiggle* >3
      Knees: >.< Now...whose fault is that?
      Juvie: :3 teehee...*sprouts a halo* Well, i'm posting them anyway! :D
      Knees: >.> Fine. When this place is swarming with policemen-...
      Knees: >/ Just don't say I didn't warn you. *grumbles*

      :3 he'll soon be getting a soom body to attach himself to and then-..=x all hell will break loose.
    8. Sleeping head is available again to those who have wanted one~ I was very surprised to see it when I was checking out the little Gomju :aheartbea
    9. yay igon is back ! i want oneeeee :P
    10. Igon SS is available again. Only 10 released. Hurry up!!