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GomiDoll Igon

Oct 6, 2005

    1. So.. who /did/ actually order one of the sleepy-eyed heads? I know most people are going to wait for the open eye heads, but I didn't know Gomi was going to make more, so I had to try to get it now XD;; oops!
    2. I did, I actually fell in love with a sleepy Igon mold, and I ordered him in white skintone (most people seem to prefer normal according to the Gomi website).. The 1st preorder is going to be shipped out on October 14th. (It includes 6 people Sienna ordered for). Can't wait! :D
    3. Me. =^^=

      Sienna ordered for me, so I guess I'll have one from the first batch. Will definitely have photos once he arrives.
    4. Did anyone order him with a face-up?
    5. Sienna didn't ask me about a faceup (or skin color, now that I think about it), so I'm going to assume that I'm just getting...a blank normal skin head. =^^=;;;

      Faceup would be nice, though.
    6. I ordered sleepy Igon with a face-up. The confirmation I received today said that he'd be shipped after Oct 14th when they came back from the caster, but didn't specify how long after.

    7. I ordered one (with faceup), though I'm also planning on getting an open-eyed head when it comes out if I can afford it.
    8. Is he going to be another Wraeththu by any chance?
      (I love Cobweb!)

      I decided to go for the face-up since the photos were sooo cute, and I didn't have any really specific plan for St. James' face yet and it was free. Though I might have to change it a little to make him look a bit more...weasel-like. :oops:
    9. I'm keeping the Wraeththu names within my MSD-size family - he and his tentative brother will probably have Japanese ones. :oops:

      (Hear hear on the Cobweb love! *is such a fangirl of him*)

      Yeah, I also ended up asking for a face-up because of the photos. Especially the lips, because I'm not so skilled yet at doing them myself. XD
    10. :oops: I should have requested a face-up (free! lol), but I didn't. Although I am pretty sure that I can find somebody talented here to do a face-up. ^_^
    11. I'm getting one too. I fell absolutely head over heels for the sleepy look. After swearing to myself I would never fall for a dreamy-eyed doll, ha... He just suits one of my characters perfectly, and more so than the Volks mold I originally planned for him. No face up for this boy, part of the reason I wanted him was to try and do it myself ^^

      Poor thing, who knows how my efforts will turn out :oops: *nervous on his behalf*
    12. Yay! I'm glad so many people are getting him *_*; I hope I'm getting a normalskin, since that's what I wanted XD; I didn't order with a faceup, either, since I'm sending him to a friend to be customized~~

      I will probably get the normal-eyed head too when she makes those again to have as an alternate head *_*

      I so LOVE her molds :< I can't wait until we all get them!!!!

      Now, to find a body.. =_=;
    13. I must be the only Wraeththu fan in existence who hated Cobweb. xD;;

      I'm not getting Igon, but I am planning on getting Iru! :D November can't come quickly enough. =_=;;
    14. I'm waiting for the open-eyed head...but also the board said you had to send Western Union money and I kind of balked at that.
    15. oh my f*ck f*ck


      OMG.. wow.. that is.. really really really awesome.
    16. I'm so glad that St. James has decided to get an Igon. I so thought he looked like her drawings of Aaron St. James but I was sure that between the lack of knowlegde about the company and the language barriers that it would be futile to point Igon out to her just to have him be out of reach. But what fortune! I can't believe how it worked out.
      It seems like a sign that this was indeed a perfect match!

      Oh, and more importantly:
      Once I started the second Wraeththu series: Ulaume! Ulaume! Ulaume!
    17. Holy crap, I didn't realize there were so many Storm Constantine fans here on DoA. :D

      The boys aren't Wraeththu, they're just named after the characters. Though Cobweb did turn out to be a lot like his namesake... XD
    18. I want to know what female bodies the Igon takes...

      and if the new skin SD13 boy body is the same as pureskin... (or are new skin and pureskin two different things?)

      Since i want a smaller girl (SD sized) if she ever ends up with a body...

      ... it'd be nice to know...T.T

      everyone show pictures on as many bodies as you can when they get shipped!! :: cries ::
    19. I do. :)

      I ordered one with face-up hopefully. I love his sleepy eyed look! I can't wait for him to arrive.
    20. New skin = pureskin