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Gomidoll Junior?

Dec 20, 2006

    1. *emerges from lurkdom ^_^*

      Does anyone know anything about these pouty little cuties (i.e. resin quality, posability, all that good stuff)? I can't help but think she would be a good companion for my equally pouty Nari-pons, but since there don't seem to be many owners in this forum, I'm a little wary...

      ease my fears? confirm them? :)
    2. bump! i'm interessed!
    3. I've been very interested in this little one, too! I saw her on eBay a few times and visited the Gomidoll web site many times ... but I really wanted to see more photos from someone who owns one.

    4. I have tried to try with "search" on the Doa these words: Gomidoll, gomi junior and gomju... And I have found some photo... :) Beyond that those beautifulst ones on the site Gomidoll!!!:D
      I am more and more in love but I would want some opinion on the quality of the doll... :D
      You help us!:...(
    5. I just bought a little Gomi from someone here on DOA and she really is adorable. I like her quality, nice heavy body, well strung and very poseable. I was told by the seller that she came with very cheap looking plastic eyes, the seller replaced the ones in my doll with glass eyes. The other thing I really like about her is her nice size. She is 8 inches, and there are lots of clothes that fit her, like Ginny and Tiny Betsy. It would be nice if there were more dolls this size-she fits well on shelves and lots of doll furniture that is her size is easily available.
    6. ohhh thanks toydogz4!!! ^_^
      Where I can find the Ginny and Tiny Betsy clothes??? And... For the shoes??? é_è

    7. Not sure what shoes fit her yet, but the clothes you can find on E-bay.
    8. Excellent! Thank you, toydogz! :)
    9. edited for pictures added
    10. I want to get one, but I have to wait till I have money again. :(
    11. I love Gomidoll junior T_T I want one!!! But I prefer find only the head in white skin but I think that it's impossible... T_T
    12. I have a gomidoll junior, they are very skinny compare to yos and bambicrony dolls.
      Their makeup is done with pastel colors and not with acrilic paint. The good thing is that they are so skinny that they fit into barbie clothes, and even skipper clothes.

    13. Gery, sorry I dont'understand! :( "Skinny" is slim? :whee:
      If you can, I love to see some comparison pics of Gomi near other tiny in similar size (petite ai too if you can)! I would be very happy if you can! :sorry

      Thanks so much!!! :aheartbea
    14. Yeah slim...
      Sorry my english is not that good
      I'' try to take some pictures later on today...

    15. Thanks Gery! é///è Sorry but is my english that is not good! T_T
    16. As promised,here are some pictures:

      Here are some pictures of Yo tenshi Yuh and Gomidoll Junior



      Their hands:




    17. awwww *___* So cute!!! Thanks so much geri!!! *___*
    18. What size wig and shoes does Gomju wear? Her head looks considerably smaller than the Yo-SD.
    19. The wig she is wearing is a size 6