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Gomidoll new boy head IDUE!!!

Jun 14, 2007

    1. I've been watching out for him, because Gomidoll told me that they'd be releasing a new one sometime this week... and here he is ^_^ !



      Limited Sale

      Name : IDUE- SD type Head

      Let me introduce our brand new head from Gomidoll.
      His name is 'IDUE'
      This head compatible with "Dzdoll 70cm body".
      That's why it wouldn't be compatible except the 70cm body



      Discussion thread here
    2. you're RIGHT!!! he DOES look a lot like kiss. :3 how cute!!
    3. He is very cute!! wants to buy his, but he has the white skin??
    4. According to the page, there are only 8 heads, in Normal Skin...
    5. The second batch of Idue heads are now for-sale on the Gomidoll website. Looks like 12 are available in normal skin this time, and no face-up option.