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Gomidoll Website Renewed

Jul 4, 2006

    1. The Gomidoll site has been renovated!


      Gomju is still available and the half-open eyed Igon is finally available again. ^^
    2. And how many of Sleepy Igon are there supposed to be? *needs to know*
    3. In the past Gomidoll would release a head until they sold out, and then release a different head. So even if the head does sell out, it will probably be available again.
    4. I've never heard much about Gomi Doll before, but they have some lovely dolls... I know it says the heads are compatible with other bodies but does anyone know about resin matches or have any info about these dolls they'd like to share?
      Thanks n.n
    5. The resin for the heads should be closest to luts, volks and customhouse.

      As an update, a TAN version of the GOMJU doll is now available.