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Good eyes for tiny heads and narrow eyes? (8mm or so)

Jan 5, 2009

    1. Ok, so the title is kinda vague, but the gist of it is, I'm trying to find eyes that will catch the light BEST in small heads, with narrow eyes. I have a pocketfairy didi, and I've tried a couple of pairs of glass eyes in her but no light reflects out of them at all :X

      I'm wondering if urethane eyes (ED is what I'd go for) would reflect the light better, or is that eye just too small to have any decent light in it and I should just give up and not waste my money on eyes that won't do much ;)

      Thanks all :)

      (PS if anyone has photos of ED eyes, 8 mm in a doll, I'd love to see them!)
    2. You could try the ones I make available at http://www.raw-kiss.com

      Here's a few examples in a Puki...





    3. ah yes, Raw Kiss has the best eyes ever, i am her biggest fan, they positively glow like they are lit up from within.
    4. Aw! *blushes* :-D
    5. If you go ED I suggest milky for 8mm they tend to reflect light better for photos


      Those raw-kiss eyes look great. Looks like metallics.
    6. Right now I'm using acrylics but Masterpiece soft eyes are amazing too. Pricey but special.
    7. Found a great source of eyes....got a beautiful set of green glass eyes with a subtle green clover in the iris....www.janetsdollhouse.com
      Great looking and they were very helpful.Mikkio
    8. Masterpiece makes metallic and metalized versions in small sizes, I've used them and have been very happy with the way they really light up tiny faces. Drawbacks... they take a long time to deliver, I've heard some people have had quality issues, and they can attract dust. I don't seem to have any of these problems and really like the metallic eyes for tinies.

      I'll have to try Raw Kiss, I haven't tried them yet!
    9. Thanks so much! I like the "iris eyes". They are very reasonable for glass eyes, too