Good place to find VIDEOS of ball joint dolls? :)

Sep 12, 2016

    1. I found that the best way to get to know a doll, when you can't meet him (or for others, perhaps her) in person, is to watch good videos of them being showcased and/or opened! Aside from searching for "...opening" to see these big beauties, where can one get to see them in video~?
    2. There's tons of videos on youtube :) Other than box openings you can look for reviews, things like BJD addicts or any other BJD video tags, stop-motion videos, and plenty others.
    3. I would recommend YouTube, some really nice bjd owners to watch for ideas.
    4. I try to avoid box opening and look for reviews in stead. Sometimes box openings don't show what I want to see, for example the poseability well explained. And if I want to see the sculpt, I usually look for face-up processess, that way I can see the possibilities of that sculpt. If what you want is a channel where someone talks about bjds, but nothing specific (some of them are really funny! :D) there are plenty of them, just put in the search bar of youtube "bjd channel". There's a spanish girl whose channel is called Isartdolls that I really really enjoy. It's in spanish, though :S And at this moment I can't remember the name of any other channel in English.
    5. I never thought about looking up faceup process and reviews! That's a great idea! I'm really specific in trying to find the right doll, so when a doll I see I may like is only the photo shoot shots from the website, I feel very leery about getting it XD This will help a lot! thank you so much!
    6. You can search youtube for stop motion BJD animation videos. There are some really cute ones out there! I like watching creative videos more than reviews, though review videos are nice.
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    7. The issue with stop motion though is it's very hard to find one with the original dolls name, instead of the one given by it's owner.. thus making it impossible to compare a doll i'm interested in with its actual video. :(
    8. i love to watch these stop motions videos on youtubei hope i can make one one day