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GOOD quality wigs size 5-6, don't mind if it's expensive

Nov 19, 2010

    1. Hi all,

      I am trying to find good quality wigs for my lati yellow. I know Rosenlied sells monday child which would fit lati yellows. But I am looking for some other manufacturers. Anyone got some suggestions? ​
    2. Hmm...somehow the website doesn't work on firefox.
    3. I use Firefox exclusively, and I have no problem with the For My Doll website. I've heard that a certain internet provider in the UK likes to block the FMD website. I'm pretty sure there is a thread about this issue floating around somewhere.
    4. I would also be interested in suggestions for places that sell 5-6 wigs. I'm pretty sure that the next one to come home will be a Pukifee, but I haven't found the right wig yet. I've tried Kemper, Rosenlied, Lati, Fairyland (obviously), and the above mentioned link for ForMyDoll... I would love to know if there are any other options out there?
    5. Ruby Red Galleria also sells late sized wigs...
    6. The ones on Rosenlied seem to be the best ones, maybe it could be their photos. Anyway, I was trying to find a certain wig with perfectly straight hair. The one on Rosenlied has sold out long time ago so I guess I will be waiting till they release something similar. I wish leekeworld would do wigs in size 5-6 :-(
    7. Monique Gold Label wigs are really nice. I've tried some styles I loved and others I didn't care for but that is the same with any brand.
    8. I am really looking for a cut like Yuri, but with long hair: straight hair wig with a a fringe. I've seen some really good ones on Flickr, but can't get anyone to tell me where they've got it from :-(
    9. ..well here I am adopting good quality 5-6 wigs from you! Lol :D
    10. hoatien cancan jseries has straight wigs with bangs in long wigs - I have several wigs from them and they're really high quality and the shipping is only $3

      I have a straight wig from them for my pocket fairy and it is dead straight with really fine strands of hair. The bangs were really nicely cut too.

    11. Birdie, Honeythorpe thank you! I have tried cancan series and ranpuzel and they are both really good. I recently ordered long alice from Ranpuzel so I hope to get my order soon! :-)