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GOOD REVIEWS! for Clockworkangle

Oct 17, 2006

    1. :fangirl: i had to share with every one here the wonderful person who helped me out. you see i am very new here and was very nervose about letting my dolls head out into the world to be painted. but i took the chance and i am so glad that i did. now i have pics but i still dont know how to shrink them down so poeple can see the wonderful work she did for me. the agreement was that i pay for the head to get to her, and she paid for it to come back. removal for the face paint was FREE!! so all i had to pay for was the face and lashes, in the end it only came to $78.00 for the face up and lashs. she was very good at getting what i wanted done and answering all my questions. so please, help me to help her get her work out there! Silvia, known here as Clockworkangle. i promise you you wont be disapointed in her work, or her Charm, i am very happy with every thing she did for me. so please any one who can please let her work on your doll. i know you will be happy with what you get from her. she sent me samples, and she makes clothing as well. :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea please every one give your support to Clockwork angle, if you want to see her work e-mail me, and i will send you pics of what she did for me and others.
    2. i wanna bump it, bump it, bump it.
    3. any one want to see pics? just im pm me or write me at my e-mail, i have pics of the work she has done and she does it cheep.