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Goodreau - Thoughts?

Mar 24, 2007

    1. To my knowledge this is the only balljointed dolls that are manufactured in america. Their first shipment is due in june. They are rather chubby looking, have large lips and flatter/broader noses.

      I really like the looks of Innuendo. I was wondering if anyone else is planning to purchase them? They will be available in both resin and vinyl.

      I like her nose very much. I'm not so much a fan of the lil anime pointy noses (even though i LOVE anime... is that weird? lol) And her lips are "pursed" like she's pouting. she's really cute.

      Overall they look more americanized. their faces are fuller/less angular, Their bodies are chubby, but not really child like at all, they're just built more like an american girl instead of an asian. but they still have that japanese anime look to them :)

      Pics and info here: http://www.denverdoll.com/goodreaudoll.html

      Forgive me if it was already posted. I didn't see anything about it :)

      I doubt I'll buy one since theyre a lil more than I wanted to spend but I just thought they were cute, one of the models even has teeth which is pretty rare for msd dolls :)
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    2. I've been waiting to see if these dolls remain allowed on the forum! I think the first and last girls are pretty cute, and an interesting mix of asian and american doll style. They look like they're good quality too.
    3. The moderators were waiting to see the resin ones, get more info, etc. I did not see a decision yet on whther they will allow them discussed on DoA. It hinges on the final (and required) criteria for DoA dolls (stylistic) and pass/fail will be the decision of the mods.

    4. personally i would hate to be told "oh that's not a real ball joint doll, it didnt come from japan/china/hongkong/etc." Especially since the dolls are made in china i guess from what i read in the other thread.
      The pictures are of porcelain ones i guess (also read in the thread) but it says they will have resin ones, so I personally see no reason to not allow them on the site. This is my humble opinion though but just thought i'd voice my opinion.
      I've seen face sculpts from asian manufacturers that i personally thought were god awfully ugly. so "stylized" is too specific and a personal thing really to be nitpicking over.
      Anyways ^^ not meant to offend but thats my 2 cents <3
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    5. At this point, the moderators have not come to a final decision - we're waiting for final resin-version photos.

      However, the current vote is almost unanimously "No." The dolls are ball-jointed, but they do not fit the visual and customization aesthetic of the ABJD that DoA focuses on. Also, the forum does not allow fashion dolls, and the artist of Goodreau dolls said herself that these dolls are fashion dolls.

      The final decision will be made by the moderators. :)
    6. First I'll say ^^ I love this forum and the mods do a great job, and i probably dont plan to purchase one of these anyways so im not that bothered by it. Im sure the mods will make the right decision

      But i'm terribly curious...

      It says you can choose their hands and such on the site, and ive seen pics of the girls with different wigs, so just curious how they dont fit in with the customization of other balljoint dolls :)
    7. Quote from first paragraph on their site:
      " There will also be extra hands, jointed feet, face plates, clothing, etc. "
    8. We are aware of all of the information and specifics of the dolls. :) While some aspects of the dolls fit some of our criteria on the board, there are some that do not. Being able to wear clothing does not necessarily make them customizable; the point of ABJD is customization in general, rather than the main feature of fashion dolls. We're not arguing that they cannot be customized, or even whether they are in fact ball-jointed dolls (they are). The question for us is whether they fit the esthetic of other ABJD.

      The mods will be posting a final decision shortly. Thank you for your patience. :daisy
    9. I think they fit the aesthetic better than Liebchen did, and just as well as anything produced in the artist's dolls section of the site, and many of those end up produced and sold here without problem.
    10. I'm also mildly curious about theses dolls... but I agree with the mods, they're not quite the same as the the BJD dolls on this forum. Something about the presentation and look... I can't wait for the clothes, though!

      It might seem like I'm just pulling this out of my butt but I think the fact that this company has made nothing but girls shows it hasn't really been around ABJD fans all that much, which makes me question who they're targeted at.
    11. I followed the closed thread pretty closely and the artist did say they are working on boys. They are starting with girls though.
    12. I respect the decision of the mods, whatever it will be, but....

      I think the Goodreau dolls fit the aesthetic a heck of a lot more than some of the others that are allowed here, such as Orientdoll *fashion* dolls (Dae and Hong), Hautelier *fashion* dolls (Ian and Miso), and some other similar bjd fashion dolls I've seen in this forum.

      As far as I know, Goodreau doll does not classify them as fashion dolls but as true bjds for customization and play. They are resin, have changeable eyes, wigs, and optional parts. There are 4 msds and 1 slimmer doll that they said will be more similar in proportions to those other allowed bjd fashion dolls (mentioned above, but also the slim dolls like Narae). The costumes they will also sell and the overall aesthetic is right in line wtih what other asian companies are currently making and selling and showing on this forum. And they are being produced in asia, under supervision from an american company. And yes, they are making boys.

      I think the only thing that has worked against the company here is that they previewed them before they were in final form (but then so do plenty of asian companies) and people started taling about them.

      I hope that the mods can clarify exactly what they mean by the aesthetic requirement, because to many of us it's really unclear why Hautelier Miso (who looks a lot more like a CED fashion doll than a bjd) is a bjd and Goodreau Innuendo is not. Given the enormous range of accepted bjd styles here, it seems a bit puzzling. It's not exacly like Elfdoll Ruru and Volks Shinsiya are from the same aesthetic at all!!!

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    13. I agree with this. I think it was a detriment to preview them on porcelain bodies but hopefully we can get past that.

      I also agree about the aesthetics. If all dolls were just big-eyed anime style then it would make sense to exclude them. BUT many dolls on here have a very realistic look, like the Elfdolls. And while I may not be fond of the more realistic dolls (preferring the big-eyed anime ones myself) that doesn't mean that there aren't people out there who are going to like them and we shouldn't limit what people are attracted to.

      And personally, I do rather like Rumor.
    14. I like Paulette Goodreau a lot and will be having her whole line of dolls in our store. Paulette actually loves anime' style. She has a lot of spirit and I'm impressed with the really cool Asian BJD style clothing she has coming out for all her dolls. Making a new line of BJD is an incredible undertaking, and I really admire her for this huge effort she's made. It's true the first prototypes were made from porcelain, but the dolls for sale will be vinyl and resin.

      When people visit me and my dolls, I notice how they all have different taste in dolls. I feel Paulette's dolls will really interest a wide variety of people.. from collectors to parents buying a present for their kids.

      Dollfair is 100&#37; pro-artist, and we are definitely supporting Paulette and all new artists who come forward to show us their new visions.


      P.S. I can understand why DOA needs to have a focus on what it covers... it's so big already... in supporting Goodreau this does not mean I would disagree with DOA mods. With BJD becoming so diverse, they have a tough call here I think!
    15. I plan to preorder one of these dolls, just haven't decided on the one I want first. And I plan to order the resinvinal doll for $125.00 This price appeals to me! I don't have very many of the Resin BJD dolls because of their PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Enough said. I like the looks of the more "realistic" dolls. I have a Rainy Lydia and a Butterfly Narae on order-so you see where my tastes fun.
      I believe the lower priced doll will give a good jump off point for many new BJD collectors!!! Open up the door for many new collectors who will step up and later buy the more expensive resin dolls that are out there.
      Just my thoughts!
    16. I also plan to purchase one of the vinyl dolls. I don't have a lot of money, and the price really appeals to me. Plus, they've got such lovely bodies, and I find it difficult to see how anyone can hate the face molds. Or how they wouldn't be considered in the same spirit as the other dolls on the board.

      There are MANY of the more realistic dolls here- and what was it about wanting diversity among dolls? By the theme that they don't go well with the other dolls, you could very well say that Iplehouse's Cocoori doesn't, either. I haven't seen a single doll anywhere that looks anything like her. And I don't think that's a bad thing. I know I'll be purchasing Rumor when she's released. I, personally, still feel that she's in the same spirit as other ball jointed dolls. She's customizable, she takes different eyes, wigs, she has ball joints and is strung with elastic, she's in the same size range and proportions. She even takes face plates. How is that NOT customizable? As someone else said, yes, her face is more realistic. But so are several other dolls that ARE allowed. So why single out these alone?

      ... I'm not sure how much of that was me repeating myself. But I'd think a substancial amount. I just know I'll be very saddened if something I'm so fond of, without even having seen the final versions yet, and that I feel SHOULD fit the criteria, wouldn't be allowed.
    17. I agree with y'all! I think it is great that there is an American company making BJD's. I think it's just so wonderful. I will really be upset if the Mods keep us in the dark on this one (EPECIALLY if they choose to reject Goodreau). This may be just what the community needs. I think of this company as a stabalizer.
    18. In light of this thread, the moderators have moved forward with our final vote on Goodreau dolls. We have decided that they do not fit the DoA criteria and will be considered off-topic here.

      We feel that they fit most of the criteria, but they fail on the final and most important criteria point - they do not fit the aesthetic of the ABJD that DoA is focused on. Their faces and bodies are more like American-made fashion dolls, such as Teen Trends or American Girls.

      DoA also supports our artists and artist-made dolls, which is why dolls such as Liebchen and Bishonen House are permitted here. However, Goodreau Dolls have not been a product of the Artist subforum and are being marketed as a major commercial product. For this reason, they do not fall under the slightly "relaxed" rules that we apply to dolls made by artists of this forum.

      We encourage people to buy these dolls if they are interested in them, but to please understand and respect that they are off-topic and can not be posted on DoA. Thank you!