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Gothic styled dolls

Feb 4, 2019

    1. I remember back in the early 2000's Gothic fashion styled BJDs of all kinds were very popular, but have since faded from the mainstream trends among BJDs.

      For those of us who still have Gothic styled dolls (and those who are interested in styling their BJD in Gothic fashions), let's discuss:

      - Our experiences trying to find/make/improvise Gothic fashions and accessories in the years since the style fell out of fashion with the mainstream BJD community.

      - Memories, nostalgia, or fun stories from when it WAS mainstream.

      - Advice for newbies who want to do a Gothic style for their BJD, but may be struggling due to the lack of popularity.
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    2. I still remember checking out and adding gothic styled doll photos to my Pinterest album and just gush over how gorgeous some of them were, it was amazing and is still amazing to see gothic styled dolls. I’m planning to turn one of my WS gals into a gothic style sometime this year when the temp warms up and was thinking something along the lines of a Blood Witch theme! It’s gonna be funn~~ oh, any tips for gothic faceups on WS are loved, since it seems to challenge me more than NS does...^^’
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    3. I suppose it depends on what you consider 'gothic'? If we're talking the mall goth/gothic lolita/visual kei of the mid 2000s, then those were doomed fads from the get go, destined to be outgrown.

      Regardless, I don't exactly see a lack of dolls with darker aesthetics, mine included.
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    4. Any of the sub-fashions, really:
      - Deathrock
      - Romantic
      - Neo-Victorian
      - Cyber Goth
      - Industrial
      - Mall Goth
      - Visual-Kei
      - Gothic Lolita
      etc, etc.

      That... really depends on your viewpoint? A number of the 'fads' that were 'outgrown' in the BJD scene are still going strong in the human Goth scene, varying from region to region.
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    5. I know I want to start styling one of my SDs in more cybergoth (I call him goffick) clothing and accessories, but that's stuff that seems to need building/making. I'm slowly assembling ideas and links to inspiration so I can build his accessories and wardrobe myself.
    6. This was my fave BJD aesthetic. The gothic lolita/visual kei styling of old dolls ahhhhhh I love it so much, still. It just stinks that the clothes are hard to come by now. The only thing I can still reliably locate are platform boots. XP
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    7. I joined the hobby a year ago, so obviously I don't have any connection to a "classic" gothic bjd look. But almost all of my dolls could be described as "goth" by... somebody. Almost all of my dolls feature mostly black wardrobes, dark kohl eyes and morbid imagery... which seems pretty goth to me, even though I don't know what goth subculture (if any) they actually fit into...

      I think that dark, moody and macabre dolls are still extremely popular, so I feel like this thread is about a specific style that's going over my head lol
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    8. Goth style might have been a fad in BJD land, but it's still a thing irl....the few characters who were dolls I had, who were goth back in the day, still are today so I still have a few goth BJDs. I even have a couple new ones to add in the last year (or more if you count Marilyn Manson). The big difference (for me) is there are more clothing options today thanks to Etsy and people I know who sew, so my dolls are dressed better than they were when I first started the hobby and the only goth readily available was elegant, loli and mall.
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    9. Goth will never fade out in my mind. Majority of my dolls display gothic fashions, some clothes I've even made myself from my clothes and accessories.
      There are so many interpretations of goth, so my advice for a newbie would be to experiment. Many casual clothes can be easily altered and tiny safety pins make great accessories!!
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    10. Ooooh this thread is a trip down memory lane!

      I really liked the look of those early J-rock-styled dolls and remember distinctly when my best friend ended up scoring a fullset Dream of Doll Homme Ducan outfit for her newly-bought Camine. It was her first doll and she was head-over-heels for this particular outfit. She called me as soon as it arrived and I hurried over to help her dress him.

      Lord...between two relatively inexperienced owners, new-doll-kicky-ness, the black leather, the corset, the belt buckles, what felt like a million extraneous chains, and the constant, "Is this how it's supposed to go on?" and "Does this look right to you?" queries, we finally got him dressed like an hour later. :lol: By that time, we were both exhausted and I remember her telling me she was basically never going to change him out of that outfit just due to the sheer horror it was to get it on.

      This was in 2006. I am fairly confident Camine is still in that outfit.

      ...and here is the offending Homme Ducan costume for reference, which I assure you was in fact far more intricate and involved to put on than one may suspect:

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    11. The first dolls that really got me into BJDs were the Dream of Doll kiddos, most of whom were pretty goth/visual kei-looking (the aforementioned Ducan was a good example).

      Now, I mostly dress my dolls in white because I'm paranoid about staining. But I really want to get a v-bangs style wig for one of my girls and have her go in a spookier direction!
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    12. I got on the goth boy trend a little late! There are a lot of interpretations- health goth, pastel goth, japanese, emo hiphop so I think it just evolves.
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    13. I love dark mori, if it counts. One of my dolls is (to be) like it and I'm a bit of this myself irl . (More dark than mori). I just guess that sleeves shirts, chains, pins and platformboots days are sort of over. I'm not sad about it, because I didn't like it anyway, especially when I tried to shop for shoes for my boy and all I oud find were cheap-looking trainers and black platforms... ugh... That being said, I love my dark-clad dolls, black wigs, gloomy makeups and suitable settings. And this is still a thing...
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    14. @CuteKitty, the dark mori/strega look is SO cute and I bet it would look awesome on dolls with really elongated proportions... which is most of them, but especially things like Doll Chateau dolls would look REALLY COOL.

      I wish there were more sewing patterns out there for the more elaborate stuff like neo-romantic goth things or strega/dark mori type fashion.
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    15. Oh yes...those times...when I was new and buying so much black for my boys to dress them in only to wonder later on about the stains on their body.:doh I learned my lesson!
    16. I started to sew so my dolls could wear punk / gothic fashion.
      The most important thing is to wash the black fabrics before sewing to be sure they do not discolor the doll.
      Even today, the never-ending search for the perfect boat. At some point I try to make shoes. Really :)
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    17. I have goth fashion needs for my dolls. I was a proper goth myself from the mid 80s-early aughts, then I got lazy and started enjoying blending in and not getting bothered all the time.

      Most of my goth character's clothing needs are really hard to find.

      One of them sticks to fetish gear. I prefer actual leather over vinyl/fake leather that will disintegrate in a few years time. Rubber doll clothing just doesn't exist at all. He's got like, one solid outfit. I have collected up some nice leather to make something for him, but I have zero experience with sewing leather sooooo we'll see how that goes.

      The other are more like goths who grew out of street fashion and into high-end designer clothing as they got older, like Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto and Gareth Pugh. That stuff really is not made and harder to cobble together out of what is out there. Again, maybe someday I can make something inspired by them?

      I have one guy, doesn't consider himself a goth type, who likes fancy period inspired vampy clothing in dark colors, he's the luckiest of the bunch. He can wear the crazy Souldoll outfits and black ruffle JP clothing makers.
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    18. I've always loved this aesthetic and the dolls that made me fall for BJDs were Dream of Doll, quite a few of which were styled like this. I do have hopes of having one of my dolls be a dark Mori girl and one be a low-key darkly inclined guy, but I am still building a useful wardrobe for both of them.
    19. I don't have goth characters, but one of my girls favors Victorian clothes, ideally in black accented with white. I'm sure this style is easy to tweak into romantigoth or similar looks.
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    20. Omg pics/links pls, that sounds like my ideal style tbh