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Graceful male bodies?

Sep 17, 2011

    1. Hello!

      I just wanted to ask if someone knows a company that makes particulary slender and graceful male bodies that also have a softer way of posing. ^_^
      I've been searching, but it's hard to judge things like that on the websites...
      (I'm not looking for the childish bodies, by the way. :) )

      I'd be glad if someone could help!
    2. I have always thought of Iplehouse YID boys as having a long, trim body that can pose in a languid fashion. I have one of the older versions of this body but I have handled pretty much all of the versions and they all have a way of laying around that can be very fluid. They also sit and stand well.
    3. I'd suggest looking at the Ringdoll Teen boy body. It is very slender and graceful looking, IMHO, and the joints seem to be nicely done (not all blocky and unwieldy looking like some double joints are).

      If you're looking for a shorter body, the Dollmore Youth Adam body is quite slender, and though DM dolls aren't the most highly jointed, they are rather graceful I think.
    4. Thank you so much for your answers! The Ringdoll Teen boy body looks indeed very wonderful! *_*
      I'd love to know if there are other slender and graceful bodies out there, though.