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Grail Faceup Artist?

Jan 4, 2016

    1. A lot of people have Grail dolls but what about Grail faceup artists? Is there an artist that you just HAVE to commission to paint one of your dolls? I have three. Darjeling aesthetics, Kayke and Pearls of Danube. What are yours?
    2. I don't have a grail face up artist, but a grail tatoo artist !
      I'm really fond of Follow-The-Wind's work, and would love to have her tatoo the next doll I'm planning to buy. But first of all, I need to buy this doll, and it's gonna take a lot of savings. Then, I would have to save for the tatoo price, and since I would love her to have an all-tatooed body it's gonna take a lot more savings. Finally Follow-The-Wind doesn't take commissions anymore and is not planning to re-open for a long time, from what I've understand.
      So, yeah, It'll probably stay a dream^^
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    3. Interesting thread!
      My grail face-up artist is .HerrZog. I love her work and all those perfect face-ups! But when I asked her for a commission, she said, she was busy with other projects. Its going to take her a while, until she can be commissioned again :(

      For my future boys Ill be commissioning The Voice. If her commissioned boys were real, Id fall for all of them :D
    4. I'm not sure I'd call them grail because I lucked into having dolls by my two favorites without even trying! One doll sort of fell into my hands as an unexpected trade and the other just happened to pop up on the MP while I was looking for a blank doll of the same sculpt. Just so happened that the faceups were neutral enough to use as my OCs and didn't have any distinguishing marks of someone else's character.
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    5. Denaliwind and Elfgutz :D I love doing my own face-ups but I really want to have at least one done by each of these artists at some point. I just love their unique styles.
    6. I love Bazikotek face-ups <3 Pearls of Danube and The Voice is cool too :D

    7. Ban Sidhe. Hers have a soft look I just love.
    8. For me it'd have to be xanthi/jointed love, I love her stuff so much.

      Also would love to have a faceup done by cats10 since her dolls and faceups were really inspiring back when I was just getting active in the hobby.
    9. What an excellent thread. Going to follow and check out all of these artists <3
    10. Paint all my own dolls, but honestly I would love to own one painted by Docshul. *___*
    11. I've gone through a few over the years. I first started loving bjds and faceups by Satoko Ohno, way back in 2004.
      Then started getting bjds and had some blank heads and wanted to get Evenstar to do them, but never managed to get on the waiting list at the right time.
      Right now I rather like AngelToast.

      I am nervous about commissioning artists, though, and usually just get company faceups. If I have to, I'll do the faceups myself.
      I've actually never sent a head out for an artist faceup!!!

      I really love SDink's work! (I have one doll I bought with a SDink faceup.)
      I am lucky to have a doll that came with a Docshul faceup. And two by Viya. Also faceups by Val Zeitler , Marbled Halls/Connie , Phantomdolls and Aone.
      Also got to meet Nornen and have several dolls with her faceups.

      I guess Satoko Ohno is still kind of a grail...
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    12. Elfgutz is my grail faceup artist. I love the aesthetic of her work. Iwould love to commission her to do a faceup on my grail doll.
    13. Kingnut (or Kingnut Schaffer), my inspiration! Her face ups are flawless and I love the the way she applies lower lashes (rather than painting them).
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    14. I've always loved SDink's work. I'd love to get a custom faceup from her still (I'm not too sure, but it seems to me like she no longer takes commissions?) I'm lucky enough to have found my grail doll (Volks Williams) with a faceup from my grail artist! The only reason I'd ever wipe his face it to have SDink do a new one...
    15. I like doing my own face ups, but my favorite face up artist is Ravendolls. Ive bought second hand dolls with face ups by some of the artists mentioned here, and I just had to wipe them to make them feel like my own. But then, Ive tried to buy a doll for the sole reason of it having a Ravendolls face up.
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    16. I haven't been able to commission them yet, but I really love the work of both Xanthi, and AngelToast. They're so talented :3nodding: I also really love Beloveda's work!
    17. I am not sure who is still around, as I've been out of the loop, but I love Ravendolls' style that really lets the sculpt sing, and feel very lucky that my favorite boy was done by her. If I had to choose, I think that was my grail artist. My other favorite when I was getting my dolls done up was summerbird aesthetics, who has done two of my girls. Also, I bought a second-hand girl who was done by Sour Circus for the previous owner, and she's just lovely. There was a talented gal who did probably three dolls for me over the years, but they have all since moved on, and I wish I could remember her name. She did really beautiful work, and I wish I still had a doll with her touch around. I miss her work more than the dolls themselves, haha.
    18. SDink. I have admired their work since I got into this hobby. If I dream of anything in this hobby, it's to have my Husky, Anton painted by them.
    19. Afa187 (although I don't think they take commissions, so it's a far-fetched dream), also xhanthi/jointed love. :]
      Actually I have a lot of faceup artists I love and would love to have work on my dolls, but these two are the ones I'd sell half my soul to commission :]
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    20. AngelToast is my favorite; I have many dolls painted by her. She's really wonderful to work with and I love her faceup style. I also admire SDink's faceup style as well, and would love to own a doll painted by her.