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[ GRANADO ] 1st Anniversary and Easter event

Apr 5, 2012

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      Thank you for everyone who supports Granado.
      We now proudly present our 1st Anniversary and Easter event.
      This event will last from 6th April to 20th April, 2012.
      The event contains 3 parts.


      Special 1: Special gift set

      We are going to display our creations and collections in this year.
      We create a special gift set contains parts for our beloved dolls to our customers.
      There are 3 versions in this set. You may pick one from it.


      Special 2: Custom-made dolls for VIPs

      We will open a custom-made doll system exclusive to our VIPs.
      All the dolls that were released in 2011 could be ordered. (Not including VIPO series.)
      You can also order them with special skin.
      Every VIP can send a request to us through e-mail. (dpp.doll@gmail.com)


      Special 3: Change of darker skin color resin

      Finally, we find a way to reduce the color difference after sanding on darker skin. (Yeah!)
      All darker skin dolls will cast by the new resin in the future. The new resin’s tactile is same as before.
      We will offer the sunshine skin option for the monthly body sale event, and also some of the dolls we released now.

      For more information, please visit our website.

      And also the Event news.

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      DoA BJD Wiki

      I have a question for the Custom-made dolls for VIPs service.
      I saw that the heads cost $160, may I know if I order Dr Titrus Jekyll in this event, will it include two head also like the last ordering period? Can I choose one scarred head and one normal head?
    3. Our Custom-Made Dolls for VIP is a special service which allow VIPs to order our past doll.
      However, VIPs cannot purchase Dr Titus Jekyll like the limited ordering period. You can order only one head per one custom made doll. Thank you. :-)
    4. ikaru, thank you so much!
      Can you list the doll heads which are included in the Custom-made dolls service? Is that the same as the gift set but not including the VIPO heads?
      PS. Is that Asura skin doll on the Custom-made dolls for VIPs service' picture? Who is that?:D
    5. You are welcome!

      Custom-made doll heads for VIPs are listed below.
      Boyd Normal / Boyd Nightmare / Scout / Titus Normal / Titus Scarred / Guilum / Sidonia / Gitana / Taya
      You can also order them with Asura skin.

      Yes, It's Asura skin and he is Boyd.
      Our 1st Anniversary and Easter event has started now. :-)
    6. Could I order the special gift set more than one? if I order a Asura skin Titus, can the gift set's head be asura skin?
    7. You can order more than one special gift set. But the special gift does not including Asura skin. :-)
    8. One more question regarding the VIP custom-made doll service. Will they come with jointed hands, or normal only?
    9. Jointed hands is a request option. You can add a pair jointed hands when you place a custom-made doll order. :-)
      A pair jointed hands will cost $100. Thank you!
    10. May I ask for a picture for Asura Boyd? The above picture is not clear. :sweat
    11. [​IMG]

      Here it is. :-)
    12. If I order a sunshine skin special gift set, is that the color is same as before?
    13. We tried to make them the same, but there might be some color difference from owner's doll as they are not of the same batch. The color difference could also be caused by time, light and air.