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May 21, 2019

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      Dear all,

      Let's forget all the bad things and get our 8th Anniversary party started!
      Granado's 8th anniversary comes to an end. But we would also like to express our gratitude for your support,
      so we will hold a 8th anniversary event from 22th May to 22th June, 2019.


      For VIPs:

      This is VIPs exclusive service.
      Special size Lucifer & Napoleon released previously could be re-order.
      (Lucifer : 31cm, 43cm, 48cm, 53cm)
      (Napoleon : 31cm, 43cm)

      You can also order them with special skin : Pure Black and Pure White.
      Pure White ( No need additional cost )
      Pure Black ( Cost is same as Chocolate skin )

      Every VIP can send a request to us through e-mail ([email protected]).

      But please note that you may only order the whole doll.


      For all customers:
      This year's anniversary, we sell Lucky Bag!
      The value of the items inside a lucky bag exceeds $250, which includes at least a doll head.
      You may get a chance to win a grand prize and other items as well.

      Grand prize
      1) A resin head with face-up, wig and a pair of eyes. (Finished by Crocus Lee himself.)
      2) A whole 31cm Napoleon doll.
      3) 2 resin heads.
      4) A resin head with face-up, a pair of ExtraS iris glass eyes.

      The head in lucky bags will be randomly picked.

      HEAD type
      (Including VINDOLL heads)

      V-01 / V-07 / V-08 (Woooooo!)
      Secret head A / B / C

      Andrew / Charles / Enoch / Gabriel / Hansel
      Jupiter / Michael / Mars / Pancho / Sariel / Uriel
      Lucifer / Napoleon

      :: Website ::
      Lucky Bag : 2019 Lucky Bag
      SuperModel body : Male body SuperModel
      Instagram : @granado.doll • Instagram photos and videos
      Facebook : Granado | Facebook
      Twitter : Granado (@DollGranado) | Twitter
      Tumblr : Granado Doll

      Thank you very much <3

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    2. Sorry, I could not find anything on your website about this-- what does 'VIP' refer to? Is it another name for people who have accounts on your site or is there something beyond that? I'm very interested in the Napoleon re-release but am unsure if I'm even eligible to purchase him.
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    3. Hello, VIPs are the customers who purchased any items from us before.
      Thank you!
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    4. I'm confused about the lucky bag items. Do All bags include items 1 to 7 or just certain items?