New Doll [ GRANADO ] #AprilsFool Nano-Doll

Mar 31, 2016

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear all,

      We finally have an answer to the age-old question of
      what will happened when your normal size doll collection is increasing everyday
      but you have limited space with an old dusty magnifier?

      Granado proudly presents - Nano-doll!
      Released on 31st April, 2016.


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    2. Ah ah, can't wait for it ! :mwahaha
    3. April fools lol...
    4. Why do you think i used a laughing smiley ? ;)
    5. aah, so cute!!
    6. Oh, for a minute there I admit I actually fell for it! :lol:
    7. I love these April Fool's things. Gotta admit, I still wish that "glow in the dark" one was real. ;P
    8. This was great! I am actually going through this problem of lack of display room for my dolls right now. Lol
    9. Is a magnifying glass included with the doll? Then I would be actually interested.
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    10. Lol. So great
    11. Will you make clothing for it? Or would we just hollow out a piece of yarn thread and poke arm holes in it?
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    12. But is it small enough to put on those ships that are in glass bottles?
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    13. I'm going to make an ant-man costume for mine.
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    14. Well, it fooled me entirely.

    15. *laughing fit*
    16. I must confess I was eager to see this new concept :blush:XD:
    17. Hahaha Happy April Fool's day :-D
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    18. Which "glow in the dark" ? I'm curious as there really are doll with that resin. ^^
    19. LOL How perfect!